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Atlanta in my mind...
I love it, I hate it and I live here:-)
This is how I see it through my lens. Is it beautiful or ugly? Decide yourself:-)
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Great thing about Photoshop or other photo editing software is you can make it look better or worse
Que Bellezaaaaa, sueño con estar alla. muy lindo
The HDR is indeed realistic. Thank you ;-).

To me cities are what they are. They are both beautiful and terrifying. I enjoyed this set of images.
Is it the most beautiful city in USA?I have never seen such an amazing city before! and I love it!:-)
Men I've to ask you. Is that in the sky pollution? In general I think it's so beautiful, but if it's smoke in the sky, then I think it's not so good live in there! :)
Atlanta is (mostly) beautiful. Some of my happiest memories are from when I lived there. :)
it's wonderful, two thumbs up :)
For me a city is a city is a city, no matter where it is or whats in it, a place of much diversity and competition generating both positive and negative energy. As for what you lens captures is only a micro second of the view of something that is a living breathing constantly changing organism. So how you or I view it can only be momentary as the changes happen so fast only the fastest shutter of a lens can capture the essence of that cities flash of life.
in picture city's looks good... but in reality... well... anyway thanks for sharing this magnificent pictures.
very good photo
thanks for sharing
First, beautiful shots and thanks for sharing!

Second, I never thought about the beauty of Atlanta until I returned from a flight to Mexico City. The stark difference in the vegetation made me realize how much the trees in Atlanta add to its beauty.
Like Starry Night from koloskov!
Pie Man
its beauty out there man!
Loving the way the sky falls nicely coated on the city, Beautiful!
Beautiful city.....better than Montreal....
well its beautiful half of it but love it if their are lots of plants around gives you good thoughts when you mad or sad!!
Ugly, ugly, ugly. Barf. Ech. Good pictures, though. :-)
That's me, standing next to the road, shining the flashlight. Wife fixing flat tire.
Fantastic and beautiful. I love the city, any city. This would make a great album cover.
really awesome. . . .dude. . . ! ! !
idk...i feel the same way sometimes when i look it is beautiful sometimes it seems uglier...:-?
it's beautifugly, really...
Very nice work! Atlanta's Buckhead skyline should make a nice addition to this series.
I love Atlanta...forever my home of choice
wow wow wowo wooooooooo.... suuuuuuupppppperrrr......
the braves are there... always beautiful... only impossible shot... there is ALWAYS traffic lol
c'est beautiful..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just cuz its atlanta, doesn't mean its not amazing!
Don T
nice shots of atl
Beautiful and Clean... Can't say that for most big cities. You have a great eye
I miss the ATL, in some ways. Especially the Big Chicken, sadly.

There were a LOT of good (and cheap!) Mexican restaurants up along Cobb Parkway Smyrna/Marietta.

And the Marietta diner.

And. And. And..

Damnit, I need to visit Atlanta again, soon. :D
It is really very very beautiful. Thanks for capturing nice pictures of a beautiful city. Also many many thank for sharing us.
I haven't been to Atlanta in forever. I miss it even more now.
that's 2020 i think............???????????
I lived there for the first 17 years of life. Awesome at times, and dreadful at others. Amazing photos!
Great picture mate!
nice pics, looks nice, any place is better then living in the CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF SALISBURY RESERVES (ADELAIDE SA)... :)
awesome photos, it seems pretty beautiful and decent place to me, boy now I feel that I want to go there.
I felt the same way about Houston and now that I left it for Maine... I feel like crap. I miss her!
well, through your lens it looks pretty stunning... but things aren't always as they seem.
That's my home there.
all citys are the same =lots of cement.
Its very beautiful my friend............
Wow!This is wonderful city and fantastic photos! Thank for share!
I like them all, except seeing the Wachovia building,..and I think you know why.
I never seen Atlanta, Needing a park and city scape. However, though, a few look professional and should be sold as a real print.
i like it with more trees
Those pictures are beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllll!
I will stick with the gulf coast.
Afy Ra
wahh big city as Kuala Lumpur huhuhu
you make it look beautiful well done great work
awesome and marvellous....!!<<!!!!>>>>>
The best part is the sky. Every-changing.
its beautiful but something is missing... i feel emptiness with this photo =(
Come take pictures of Decatur. It's a happier place.
this is how you see your beautiful Atlanta, but there is no people in the pictures... i wonder why? people are part of the city, like the building are?
Atlanta looks beautiful. Your photos do it great justice.
superb....ur shorts......vry cute ...n fantastic ..........!!!
beautiful photos!!!!
Spectacular indeed! Makes me wanna visit those places
I used to live there....seeing these pictures is a good reminder why I left...
As a displaced Atlantan, I miss home. It is beautiful there.
Through your eyes I can see the beauty!
Not enough traffic to really be Atlanta, and where's the road construction?
I like the picture, it indicates "waiting to Wecome" great idea and picture also
It depends how u look to those shots through your real lense your real eyes to life all those pic are real life woooow love them
Same here...but i hate it n live here....
Beautiful photos. Make me feel Atlanta is more grand than it truly is- a sort of superficiality- that is offset by the gloominess in many of the pictures' atmospheric if there is a reality there beyond the grandeur that the lens captures.
Nice Pics, please add pics from the CDC to add the zombieeske scenario to the mix
P Dugai
it's beautiful
Where's Atlanta? (^・_・^ )( ^・_・^)(^・_・^ )( ^・_・^)where, where...
i wanna go to these places .plz god give me this chance
this is so lovely, u got it at the right time and moment.
i like it
its amazing how did u get the pics!!!!!
In the morning, Atlanta is beautiful.
I love running the morning routes.
Then the traffic starts :)
+justin litzau, and where is everybody? I thought that cities were made for people to live in them...
its looking an amazing view
thts really nice
beauty can be found in many things, love the skies in some of your pics
its an imaginary thing, no reality, a matrix which looks gud to eyes but not real fro sure..It is not true frnz!!
I love Atlanta! I'll be there in July for Coldplay! :) Very nice photographs!
Hi Alex,

Really really good shots
I love the shadow , beautiful !
Made me nostalgic, I used to live there... Thanks!
fantastic piur laif in accionn uuufffffff love
ur houses r so beautiful...were do u got so much amount to buy this big houses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!billioner
For a person whose mind is according to his camera, it works like this...
Atlanta is always beautiful, thanks for sharing the pictures :-)
nice photo! greetings from Macon by the way :)
Dear friend The Photo is very nice exhibiting panoramic scene of the city.Congrats & best of luck.
these photos really inspired me.thanks a lot
Congratulations about your pics! Very nice pics! amazing.... Jorge HIdalgo from Brazil
so beautiful, there is no doubt in it,...........
I too hate it from about 6:30 - 9:00AM and 4:00 - 7:00PM.

But other than that, this town is pretty awesome.
'Wow' My dream city this photo says it All beautifully place indeed
Just like I feel about NY... I have a love/hate relationship with it...I love to hate , and I hate to love it! Beautiful pictures btw...I would move there...
I'm not a city person per se but there has always been something intriguing about a city scape. I actually have a large yard sale city scape painting in my hall. So yes! It's beautiful.
Great photo image of the city where is this city I love to visit this place amazing
It's simply amazing! I'd like a 1080p version for my wallpaper, where can I get it?
That's really's all in how you think of it...your choice.
+刘丰源 I have ever been there in 1996. Metro Atlanta is almost like a forest.
if thats how you see it- you need to sell me some of that stuff your on.
It's as beautiful as any place in the world that you don't have to look at every day. Beautiful photography really adds the touch.
magnetic but brought up in india so it is one kind of dream
Nice pic from Boulevard & Freedom parkway
It's awesome....each city will look more beutiful through your lences...
it is beautiful and i would love to live there
Great Job , Alex. I feel the same about my city, "I love and hate" but I can't stand being far from it.
i like Atlemta too. and before i have to stay Bergamo too...
Chan Li
thanks for sharing
I am "twisted" lol, I love it, but also think once all the people congest the streets, it is ugly...just saying....The pic is perfect with no traffic, and people hustling n bustling! :()
It's like russian roulette to drive through!
Forever I love Atlanta can't wait until October
I always felt good in that town, I still Love it
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