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The Melting Flower

One of our latest shots. It was made as a part of lighting tutorial for "Lite It" +Scott Kelby magazine. Should be in one of the upcoming issues.

Share if you like it:-)
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Whoa. I want this on my wall. So amazing. Thank you for sharing!
+Steve Savoie Not that time. Wednesday we were shooting an iPhone. That was another spectacular and much more massy shot:-) Soon I'll post it, it is still in a PP.
you know whats funny is theres a droplet above the flower how can it melt up...very pretty
an yet another amazing shot from you.
Wonderful photo - 'పుష్ప విలాపం' అంటే ఇదే కాబోలు! - భండారు శ్రీనివాసరావు
I really like like it. Pretty color!
A serious question.... how did u make this?
that is so cool.seems like the flower was completely frozen and its melting now.for such pics the angle of the picture is very important.
Pretty, but I think the liquid needs to be darker... Oh the curse of the Virgo.
And that's how you make lemonade.

That is very nice though.
Nice, makes me thing that the flower is made of wax
Very cool! It is so hard to believe that there is no CG! Respect!
What a beautyful picture I am very impresst!
cool, but, how does it melt?
Really artistic and bright. I love it!
That is so cool and a great idea. Beautiful shot.
Peace April
I love it! is such a great poster photo
I some times wonder how beautiful is our world with different flowers with different colours and features and I thank God for his Excellent creations
Looks really good! Keep it up!
+Alex Koloskov The drops off to the left side have a little different shape than the drips coming off the flower, I was wondering if those drops on the side are actually drips placed on a flat surface then titled enough to give the look of falling color ? do you understand what I am asking ?
I like the idea melting flower, and related impressions.
looks like mango juice :P
I think it has a natural beauty. Ilike it.
all is well but i think that some time all is not well
WOW from far away it looks like a rose but when u zoom in u can clearly see an unsuspected snail..wonderful work alex!!..I just made a google account today and went to what's hot and I've looked through 18 of 85 and this is my favorite so far..besides the beautiful butterfly!! I can't pick a fav their all beyond great work that's talent!! :) I'm gonna put this up on my wall!Thx u!
This is AMAZING work alex keep it up I'm gonna put this on my wall ur work is beyond perfection!!
Worked great, but if you make the water droplets (2) in the top, such as the Rain(not yellow ), and drops The bottom yellow,will be clear
really very nice
who is this editor. really ................
I accidentally did this before (I think) its when u have an object completely covered in water?? But beautiful alex keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!! :)
So sweet! Where are the bees?
I love this I'm looking through all 85pics and this 1 came along I knew exactly what it is a ring bcuz I've been waiting 4 a ring 4 8yrs!!lol ;) but I would LOVE to see more of ur work with jewelry great idea!!!
I like yellow. It's my favourite colour. BEAUTIFUL
Just fantastic my friend!!!! +Genia Larionova will have to teach me how to use Photoshop better.
Absolutely love this series of work.
+Jeremy Guinaugh Yes, I see what you are saying. No, these are real drops, and their shape (slightly twisted) are real. Not sure what they coke up this way, but we decided not to fix their shape, as it was natural. The only what we adjusted is their position.

Thank you everyone! Comments and shares highly appreciated!
How does a "melting" flower have a droplet above it?
+Alex Koloskov That is kind of strange, but like you said its natural so its hard to really explain :P Anywho love the composition, always fun to work with yellow because its such an overpowering color in a photograph, I always love to see how artists handle it in their compositions.
¡Magificas fotografías!,me gustaría mucho saber si vas a exponer en España,muchas gracias..
+Jay Patel thank you my friend! You'll be surprised, but there is not much of photoshop in this photo:-)
Una idea genial. Enhorabuena!
+Bill Cahill yep, I've seen this but did not pay much attention. +Genia Larionova Likes them and did not remove in post.
Thank you for bringing this up: I would not think about strobes not being synced. Usually I have all of them with slave cell turned off, so thank you for the tip! Next time I'll fire only one and sync the rest by slaving.
Alex i just love the way the flower is photographed, great job, how difficult was it. Diane
hi i have a friend and shes really into photograghy and stuff soooooo please tell me how to do this thanks morgan
i like this a lot. maybe remove the droplets not connected to the flower to make the melting look more realistic
wow!!!! beautiful....(Thailand)kaaaaaaaaaaa
Goog Looking,,,,,,,, i feel interesting with u're picture,,, if could i will...
wow...thats really cool.
Предназначение цветов - своей красотой дарить радость людям... Этот по капле дарит щедро всю свою цветочную сущность - очень натурально
looks like this mini calla is bleeding gold, very interesting, flowers make great subjects to photograph
now thts what im lookin' for!
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