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I did not know that I can easily re-arrange images in G+ albums, but just now I found the way!

1. Go to "photos" on your g+ bar, it will open picasa albums. all your images are there.
1.a Load album by clicking on it
2. Click "Organize"
3. Re-arrange by drag and drop.. You can also set cover image in action drop-down over there.

See illustrated below.

Worth to share? :-)
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Yes, this was a feature before Google+ but i'm sure a lot of people do not know of it. It's definitely worth a reshare. Thanks for posting.
Thanks for the tip. I think it should be added to the list of things Google can do to improve G+. This should be something we can do right from here.
+James Johnson It is right here, on G+ . When you load an image to G+ album, it goes directly to your picasa albums. So there you organize them..

Once I've realized that, everything became obvious:-)
Thank you!
Also be sure not to make a picture in the middle of a series the "Cover" image since it will move it to the front.
Thank you Alex! That was just what I was looking for!..
one thing i have noticed when publishing a album is that most people only browse the 3-4 first pictures, i see that number off showned in my albums drops after that number.
Thanks. I knew there had to be a way, but I would have thought it would have been easier to do it inside google plus instead of having to go to picasa to do it.
I was just looking for a way to do this the other day! Thanks for the timely post.
I assumed you knew. :) But yes, definitely a worthwhile share!
I have done what you suggested, but do not find my albums in Picasa, and I see no option for organizing.
+Sara Piazza They have moved Picasa from that meny, but if you are in picasa, you should see your G+ photos. I still see mine and can organize them.
I went directly to Picasa, and did manage to rearrange the photos, but alas, the change does not show in my stream. Perhaps will have to delete and re-post. Still learning this G+ thing LOL
B. Ng
Do you have to have Picasa installed? Because when I click on the "Photos" all I get is the photos of the people in my circles.
Somebody else probably knows more than I do, but I think if you are on G+, or Blogger, you have a Picasa album somewhere. You may have a list in your photos tab of various galleries, including your profile pic.
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