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My Liquid Love

This is how my heart looks like when I work with liquids in studio, and
now I want to share my love with you guys:-)))

Enjoy and share!

P.S Going to create a video tutorial on how to do such splashes for
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Yu Sam
you have a thing for liquid fx don't you?
how did you do this? amazing!!!
how do you do this stuff...its incredible!
how to make something like this, be explained?
Alex ...awsome work....beautiful snaps.
Ha Pham
it's awesome!
Thank you for sharing!! Wonderful!! <3 :)
Lovely! I need to share this!
M Ravi
great one
Its so innovative. Love sprouts int the heart in the same way, some faith, and some suspicion, some physical and some psychological.
Very intriguing, you got my attention with this "Liquid Love" +Alex Koloskov please let me know when you've got the video done.
Thnak you

very cool
This is very lovely............
Worship, each time always bring me surprises
is there any other shape that can represent a heart?
Wow............. very nice and I like this so much.
If you see this, anyone. Please add me, i need more people so i can start putting my photos and work on here. I am actually pretty good and need more people to see my work so i can get feedback and so i can work on new things. I can only start puting up my work and doing this if i get more people to add me and put me in their cirlces. I follow and put you in my circles as well.
nice,whether this is the result of engineering or indeed, how to make it look like the original such a liquid?
This picture would be nice for our hospital.I like it
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