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Closeup of the crown.
Speelites, manual triggering
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I love the many colors there is!
I love the crop but I'm looking for a little more punch. You don't have a clean white here. Boost contrast?
That's what I feel when I bite into a "York Peppermint Patty".
oh my god, this is stunningly beautiful... great work!
I love this one... its amazingly clear! :)
Definitely a superb image. Fantastic work.
What lens did you use for this shot?
This one is my favorite.
This allows us to see something that we never could perceive with our eyes alone. It also opens up a deeper appreciation of the complex of forces that allows the liquid to be distorted while the surface tension holds it together. Very contemplative in the best possible sense.
It is amazing how these shots really stimulate the senses. Not only does it make me thirst for water but everything seems to be more appetizing! No wonder they use similar shots in marketing
You are such a genius with these. They always make me smile! This time we get a jeweled crown! :-)
Too Wonderful, you choose the right time to record this image.
Top Left, light bulb splash. Underneath,left to right, three beautiful avatars. Awesome!
Notice the top left drop? How you can see the reverse image of the drops behind it?
Really love your liquid photography!
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