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The craziest optical illusion, especially if you are a photographer.

So, they are saying that color on "A" square is the same as on "B" . I did not believe till I've took samples from both squares and put them together.
Try it :-)

P.S This one of the reason I love to use gradients in my photography: they could do wonders to a viewer.
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The white square B is actually the same color as the dark square A. The shadow/gradient has turned the white square grey.
The two squares A and B are exactly the same shade and colour even though we perceive that B is lighter than A. If you open the picture in a photo editing app, cut out both of the squares and place them next to each other you will see.
I had to do what you did, too ... just checked it out in Photoshop and they're the same. Pretty trippy!
I was adamant that they're not the same colour until I opened the image in paint a moment ago. It's actually starting to annoy me that they look like different colour to me when I know they are the same lol
crazy.. I had to pop it into an editor and see it for myself.
Gus K
Applying this illusion to other areas of life: Be careful how you judge others.... you might not be seeing them in clear context. :)
I tested this as well, and by the looks of it, it is indeed true.
lol well you can just surf a couple of my pictures and know how i feel buddy =)
I love the way all of us who have Photoshop immediately save the image and chop a little bit out of one square and move it to the other. We can't help it!
So is it an optical illusion or an editing illusion?
Optical, due to the shadow cast by the cylinder. Hint: there is no shadow, it just looks like there is.
It's very disturbing! Has any of you tried to achieve the same result with a photo? It could be a very good exercise, I think I'm going to give it a try!
Everytime I see this I get amazed by how our brain is wired to process vision. Per Eric Kandel, in a discussion hosted by Charlie Rose, this effect is apparently due to the fact that we look for "meaning" in visual perception and not absolute facts such as brightness.
Looks like A-square and letter-B or letter-A and B-square are same colors
I have no idea, I have a skiiled trade, I am not a scientist.
how should i know???????????????
squares same color. put your finger over the space separating the two squares, you'll see
Dude that did not work I still do not get it.
+James Hamel Trust me, use your fingers to cover some of the other squares, it's really really obvious they're the same color when you do.
It is an optical illusion and similar to what happens when you take the same shade of gray and put it next to an orange swath and take the same shade of gray and put it next to a green swath. Your brain is adjusting the actual colors colors that it sees based on the pattern (it edits it to just say light/dark/light/dark but doesn't see that it gradually shifts). It helps us identify objects and people in changing light conditions. I love it. Thanks.
Its not working I guess someone left something out.
+James Hamel Take your hands, place one covering up everything to the left of the two squares, and the other hand covering up everything to the right.
I wish I new I put my finger on every way possible It won't work.
Not the B square just the "B"...

+Tommy McMichen Sorry, nope, the letter B is much darker than the A square in reality. The two squares are the same color.
I've checked it with Photoshop and I still don't believe it. Bonkers.
ya they be the same shade. dont be fooled by what's closest to what you're trying to compare. kinda like the moon looking bigger closer to the horizon. but it's not. I just looked it up on youtube...i'm mindblown
I didn't believe it either, but it's true. i cropped each square out and put them side by side; exactly the same color. crazy.
It took me a while but I got it good luck people.
The letters are the same as the opposite letter's background.
AKA don't always trust your brain. Funny about the eye dropper check! I've done it too with these type illusions!
I did a crop and paste and print on the picture...not the same shade.
Rohan S
its the color of the alphabet that are same and not the tile
I saved the picture, opened it and took Eyedropped Tool...
THEY ARE !!! (both are RGB:107,107,107)
It's because your eyes have not evolved to see the truth, they have evolved to help you survive and procreate. That's why you can see jesus in toast and, crucially, tigers in the forest, sometimes whether they are there or not. No penalty for being wrong, that way round....
Crazy, just printed it out. It's true!
THEY ARE!!!! i took a screen shot of both of them and compared it!
they are the same!
Rohan S
use paint and erase out everything except those two tiles...and u will see the similarity in their colors
Yep, confirmed, I bet there's a good explanation.
Its probably cause our brain tries to compensate for the shadow and find the real color so it takes away the shadow on B and makes it look brighter in our heads.
Not gonna lie, I broke out Photoshop to test this.
Angela, No that isn't true. And this is the one mistake in this otherwise wonderful illustration. The squares (A and B) are in fact the exact same color. That the author has chosen to use different grays for the letters is, I believe, a mistake that subtracts instead of adds to the illusion. Doing so magnifies the illusion that the squares are different, but at the cognitive cost of confusing the problem with an unnecessary second variable.
I love this illusion because of what people here have found too. You can print it and check it by putting a small hole in one of the squares and put it over the other. You can prove it to yourself with photoshop. BUT STILL your mind sees the illusion, not the truth. You can KNOW the truth but still not see it correctly because you KNOW how shadows work.
Witch! Burn the witch!!!! No, seriously, does anyone know the details of this. I get it, it's the shadow, but how?
i think it also has to do with the letter B being much darker then the A
This joke has merits where shadow is involved however in this particular example, they are NOT the same.
They aren't the same colors or shade. B is #6d6d6d while A is #706a6c in its color definition. I did what you said and took "samples" using Photoshop, and trust me, they aren't the same.
It's actually the color of the squares that are the same, not the letters.
Save the image. Open with paint. Use the eye dropper tool to extract the color from one then paint it over the other. They are the same!
is true the square color is the same the the letter B color...
They are almost the same to the naked eye. that is the point of the illusion, not the computer definition of the colors.
AaaaahSo! Clarification: gotta love it!!!
colour of square A is obviously the same colour as letter B although the arrow might not be pointing to the letter. It really depends on how you interpret it.
I see it, but I don't know if I believe it. I know it's easy to "Say" they are the same color from the picture, but it's much different to actually be able to change the light and see it. it's just an image so they could be saying it's a different color, but really not being. Unless I am missing something. Also, the color pattern wouldn't match. The pattern is white, grey, white grey. With all 4 around it being grey, the middle one being white would be totally different than the rest of the color pattern. That doesn't make sense.
i've seen this before and each time the results of a blown mind are the same.
I can never get over this. The most amazing of all optical illusions.
Not same color, but super close. so close that I think it probably should be counted as the same color.
its actually not true, I got a color picker in Chrome and they're close, but not exactly the same shade of grey
This is crazy and cool amazing how our minds can be tricked...
Your mind automatically lightens the B square because it's in the shadow zone of the cylinder.
The back ground of the tile in A is the same colour as the B in square B
ofcourse, they just have different values
This is (one reason) why photographers calibrate/profile their computer monitors with a colorimeter: Doing it by eye doesn't work 'cause our brains are easily fooled.
Perception in general is a totally processed event in the brain -- it's not at all "direct perception"...whatever that would mean. ;)
Actually they're saying the back ground in both tiles is the same.
Can't be true. While there are many good eye tricks, I don't believe this is one of them.
Both squares do have the same two colors
This is so cool! I've seen +Trey Ratcliff demonstrate the same illusion on one of his tutorial videos. It's totally mind-blowing!
Interesting ..........
I've printed this and cut the two squares out and they match but I still don't believe it. I think there is a bit of time travel captured in this image.
I believe you but my eyes absolutely refuse to !
Light fall on A , so its darkness decrease . While B is on shadow area and its darkness increase. Somehow both have same shadow of grey. But we don't feel it because white B is surrounded by four black squares......!!!!
Just verified----squares a and b are the same color. Hard to believe tho
+Joyel Puryear The color matches because square B is in shadow along with the surrounding squares which are also darker as a result. To quell any suspicions, simply save and open the image in your favorite photo editing software and use the color picker tool to compare values - you'll see that they are quite the same. :)
My Dad was photo intelligence USN, he called it "shadow games" Navy air photo's of the 60s
The red and green in the photo prevent you from seeing the same shade. But i am amazed!!!
The Human brain is fantastic - but it's still got bugs!
I put them next to each other after taking a screen shot on my Mac, and they are the same! Mind confused... and blown
Just because you say it doesn't make it true. Block the green and red and look at rhe top right corner of each square. Same color? Really?
wow~ like it! my first thought was the color of A square is same to the color of the letter B~ lol~ but really we're talking about the square color here~
Pure speculation that very few will download the image and edit with color picker to check. I wan't believe unless I see it... :)
obviously (he says after checking it in photoshop :)
Amazing.... I can't believe it..
One is white and one is gray how do they look the same to you...
Amazing! I cut out the B square and put it right next to A... it's the exact same color!
Must say I didn't believe it, then I checked using Photoshop and it's true.
Amazing. Just make a hole in a piece of paper and compare the two. That's fantastic!
This is an old illusion, but still cool.
Am I the only neanderthal who thought the easiest way to check this was to place a blank sheet of paper over the image, trace the outline of the two squares in question, cut out the tracings with a scalpel, then place the template back over the screen?
(I tried to do just cover the other squares with my fingers, but they are too fat)
you can also use microsoft paint. press print screen, open paint, and paste the screenshot. then click the eyedropper and left click square A, right click square B. This sets your two colors as the two box's colors. Then draw a square where the outline is your primary color and the fill is your secondary (default settings). you'll notice that the outline and fill are indistinguishable.
Our eyes find contrast, which is why photographs don't seem as vibrant as real life. Our eyes can still see real life all around, so they're not adjusting to the light levels in the photograph.
Sorry champ, I get RGB 104, 104, 104, and RGB 107, 107, 107. Not the same... using Photohop CS5 v12.
if u squint and focus you can tell without any of that, the true colors are revealed.
I think you mean the letter a and b are the same shade of grey.
Do the following...copy and open in MSPaint...colour everything around squares A & B black using the paint will then see that squares become the same color.
A and B are the same colour.
both colors have a the same hex value #6b6b6b
Type in illusions on you tube to see more like this and they show u one where they move the tile back and forth 
they are same i used paint to sample and past them together they blended
Ed Luke
nice illusion, but didn't need to use a program to see they were both the same...
On my phone so can't test it.. but I can believe it. Optics are fascinating. Also love the metaphor.. its all about the way you look at it lol

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"I don't believe my eyes" is an appropriate response to this. Wow.
I cut a pice of A, and a piece of B and put side by side, exactly the same color (similar to A)
I GET IT THE a is the same color as the b square:)!!!
"Things are not always as they seem; the first appearance deceives many."

Phadeus - Roman poet
It is just unbelievable. Confirmed that those are same colors, but can't see the same in this image!
I took this image into Photoshop to check the RGB values, and they are the same. That is CRAZY!
You can do this test without software. Cut strips paper and block out all squares around squares A & B, and it will reveal that they are the same color.
Unbelievable the number of people here that need to open up Photoshop to check this.

As a much smaller number have suggested just crop the image on screen using your fingers!

And if you've gone through the unnecessary steps of checking the colour code and ended up at two different shades then you must have caused some image degradation in your saving. 
i copied the pic and paste it into photoshop and found that A & B have the same color
Sheena couldn't believe her eyes, so she made me check it out in Photoshop. All true!
Cut two holes in a sheet of paper to line up with A and B, blocking everything else out. Sweet.
I just tried... same exact color, pretty amazing
Next your gonna tell me the sky is blue
It's in the angle look harder you will get it
If you look at the tile diagonally to the left of the A tile that's the same color.. right... so look at that one and the A and B tile and you can see. The trick is to look at more then just the two tiles at once
I put it in paint and chopped out everything but the two points, just posted it on my page if you need to 'see it to believe it'
Mind annoyed as the text inside the picture is decidedly mis-leading.
"the squares marked a and b are the same shade of gray" I think not sir. The letters however might well be give the contrast.
save the image to your downloads folder or copy and paste or whatever. Then copy a piece of the "A" or "B" square, paste the copy down and slide it over to the other one. To really blow your mind, put the copy between A and B, connecting them. Then they're obviously the same. Wow.
That is so freakish. I just cut out pieces until I could see it, and can flip it back and forth with the undo. That is so WEIRD! Do we really see the real world at all? Makes one wonder.
It's true. The color of the "A" square is the same as the color of the letter B. Just have to read.
Use your fingers to block out squares to the left and upper left of the B, especially the light ones and you can see it on the screen just barely.
I agree, Drew Verlee.
Cyn Ven
copy and paste picture on PAINT(or other program.. but good old simple Paint does the trick).. cut a square off "b".. paste it on top of "a" and it is the same color.. that simple..
LMAO!!!!! ok ok ok, *converted
>>>not the same!
maybe what happened is they WERE the same prior to this photo being uploaded, but in the upload process the pigment was changed, and is now NOT THE SAME EXACT COLOR.
(used my own evidence against myself)
Ah the B yes. Now it makes sense.
are the A and the B themselves the same color?
Just put this through Photoshop and they definitely are the same... but now that I'm looking at the picture as a whole I don't believe it again.
Will have to open on the computer...I can't see it on my phone
Yah, the letter A is the same color as the B square color. The B letter is the same color as the A square color????
Sorry,+Todd Christensen, try again. They are the same. Cut holes in a piece of paper and just big enough for part of the A and B squares. If you can see the checkerboard pattern then your mind is probably going to fix it for you so they look different as per the pattern.
Is it a shadow effect of standing coloumn?
Saw it on my phone. Put your fingers up so that the only squares you see are the two labeled. They are both grey.
The letter "B" is the same color as the square the the "A" is on, but the two squares are different colors. I even checked by using Photoshop to eliminate everything BUT the two squares. More of just a trick question than an optical illusion.
Every time I see an image like this I still can't believe it. I had to cut a patch out of one square and drag it over.

Contrast (1) - Human eyes (0)
i think it was because of that shadow of that pillar...
I had never tryd out putting them together. They are the same colour. !!!
there talking about the B and the square are the same color
Ok. since im not a believe whatever u hear knida person,so i tested it. I saved the image and opened it on paint. Then i used the free transform select tool and a cut out the 2 boxes. when i put them right next 2 each other..... they were the same color. If all u other nonbelivers out there dont belive me, i understand. So just try it your self. it works.
no matter how many times you see this...its still fascinating
oops i didnt read the post
that waz the exact same thing it told u 2 do.....
fail on my part..... :(
Did the same thing with GIMP; first with color-identify, and then by cutting the image till i had bits of both A and B - indeed they're the same. The brain is marvelous!
No they are not!! What are you talking about??
Instead of checking the colors, you can also recreate the effect yourself. Just take the image, mask one of the squares, then fill it with the same color as the other square.
Amazing, you can try it even on Paint.
Are the letters the same, or the blocks?
They both look different to me!
i dont get it that well
And they are not the same color and that is a fact for sure
Jay Tee
Ladies and gentlemen, here's an easy way to see that they are the same. If you are using a laptop, simply tilt your screen to about 45 degree angle and look at the picture. You'll see the two block is exactly the same color.
Bizarre, the two squares are in the vicinity of #6b6b6b/#6c6c6c!
the letters are different colors and the space are different too
Yep. Did it too. Pretty neat.
If one is saying that the color of the letter "A" is the same as the color of the square marked "B" or the letter "B" is the same color as the square marked "A", of course I would agree. If that is a true checkerboard pattern, then the statement, "squares "A" and "B" are the same color" is false. If the two squares are the same color, then that is not a checkerboard pattern at all and the whole thing is the same color. I don't buy it...
Lolololololololololoolololololllolololololololololo Like LFMAO
Some people are saying it isn't, while some are saying it is. I believe that's because you're letting Photoshop manage colors, don't. It can change the shade and that's why it makes you think it isn't, I checked it myself and it is.
+Larry Potter There's no need to "buy" it, open the image in a photo editing program and see for yourself. The whole squares are, in fact, the same color (to within 1/255). It still looks like a checkerboard because the dark-squares in the shadow are even darker (you can see the difference clearly on the square to the right of the B-square).
lol i spent 5 minutes croping a strip of this image so that i could see a small part and YES THEY ARE THE SAME... i didnt believe it until i saw them right next to each other
does it have something to do with the shadow?
I printed the page - cut each lettered square out and sure enough...they are indeed the same color... makes me wonder what other illusions there are I am mistaking for 'reality'
Is there a link to this ? Maybe somehow explaining how that works.
There is. Search wikipedia for optical illusion
how r they the same shade of gray ?
thats dumb, yud have to be a complete idiot to really print that out to see that. its so obvious that there the same color.
so we are all looking at one solid color and the checks are just a figmant of our imagination? now looking where the lines are square and B = Bottom corner of B if magnified I will believe they are the same color at the end of the drawn line points! LOLOL
The B is the same color as the square the A is in!
Not on my android phone. I took a hole punch, punched two holes in a piece of paper, lined them up to the squares to block out the rest of the "illusion." The greys are not the same shade. It took 20 seconds. 
i simply don't believe it... or my eyes are lying to me???
I put it in Microsoft paint and used the eye dropper and he's right. It is the same
Must be that troll magic. ;)
If you turn your phone sideways (I did it to the right) you can make your eyes adjust to see them as the same color. :)
ive encountered something like this before AND i read that he proved them the same color yet i STILL had to check ITS TRUE
Technically yes, but afar...nah!
Not in my computer. I've covered all the picture with cardboard except for a small gap to to spot a bit of both squares and till the square A looks darker than B.
Hard to believe. Still I cant believe both are #6A6A6A
I use this picture all the time in reference to Machine Vision, everything is not as it seems to the eye..
Step back and look at it from across the room. The illusion vanishes.
The four squares around square "B" are darker than square "A" because of the shadow of the cylinder.
It's crazy though... great job to the graphic designer
I saw this one before, I even measured them in photoshop, they are about the same, illusion!
I heard "they" say photographers are retarded
If you squint while looking at the image you can see that they are the same. Amazing.
How am I supposed to "try it".....seriously...I would like to know how to try it out......Squinting didn't work for me.....Maybe because I wear glasses?.....I thank you in advance for your reply.
Squint!Confirmed!old printers trick!
I tried in Photoshop and they are same grey, R102G102B102.
what cause our eyes and brains to think it is different?
Its all about perception. Our brains have learned things from past experiences that make us believe "B" is lighter because of the shadow being cast on it.
thats cool
it dosnt look that way
Wow! both the shades have an RGB value of 107,107,107. I believe our mind only tries to help us. It could well be said though, Life is an illusion!
I find it funny that so many people are refusing to entertain the idea that their brains may be deceiving them. For god's sake, just open the damn thing in paint, cut out a piece of either square and place it in the other - ta da! The piece merges into the background.

Please at least do some testing instead of making fools of yourselves by screaming "FAKE!"
I just opened it up in Gimp and they are the same color. So +1 that
i think i understand and i found it... normal... may be i've tried to do it myself before...
very nice...thanks for sharing :)
whoah... thyer really the same!
It is called double contrast. Shades seem darker next to dark things while shades seem lighter next to dark things. So at the same time one seems darker while the other seems lighter. Read "The art and science of digital compositing" some cool theory on pictures in the first few chapters.
I had to pull it into photo shop and use the dropper to pick up the "a" color and draw a line to the "b" square and wow. It's all about how you view things huh?
does not look the same to me
huh? what am I missing? tell me how to see it, duh.
I saw a video of this on Youtube before. I did what Sherry into photoshop(pick up a color) and confirmed that they are the same. I also removed the background of each square(A and B) and the result is A and B are having the same color(no more optical illusion).
That is totally nuts! I can't believe this.
It s!!! Does this happen in tall and short height case? Coz i got a couple of shorty buddies who i wish could be taller and fit in the group :D
It is because we assume that the squares in the diagonal SHOULD have the same color. It is totally a normal mental phenomenon. Verified with Photoshop! Color code of A and B: #6e6c6d
They are only the "same" when not in relation to the context, in isolation. This type of thing still gets play?
Yes its great ! i checked in corel draw.
Rog Mar
I've got to try this when i get home.Unbelievable.
This is not a true statement. Square B is in the shadow of the cylinder. All the squares in the shadow have a purple color when the image is inverted using paint tool. Just thought you should know.. Pay no attention to those colorful beings in the shadowed squares, they are of no consequence.
Why is it so unbelievable? The A square is dark gray. The Letter "B" is also dark gray! You guys are funny! Or you really need to get out more!
Are there going to be anymore optical illusions to veiw in the futer?
what the hell they are not the same color ohwait the marking meaning the actual letters a and b are the same shade of gray! I got good one send me more brain teasers if you can to i sure would appriciate it. Thanks for your time!@!! Bye Phillip .
@CI Palmer it's not about the letters. Square A and square B are the same color :P
Ok got how to do it without crop and paste. Put hand over one eye and squint with the open eye and you see its the same color. Lol
The squares look different, my eyes just won't catch on! I'll have to open photoshop and see for myself...
They are the same exact color. Open it in paint and select a small part of a and pastte it onto a new document. the do the same for b and you will see. There was a very interesting special on this on National Geographic not long ago....check this out...
If you view this on an iPad, you can tilt or raise the iPad until you're looking almost horizontally down the screen and can you see it. 
NNNNOOOOOOO waaaay? OMG..well photoshop shows that the color from both A and B is 6b6b6b and the attributes are exactly the same...but ma eyes show different
Moral of the story: dont trust photoshop
Nadim M
How the, what the...
i got it...its gradients...not all color in square a is 6b6b6b....and not all the color in square b is 6b6b6b....
leo kun
Chuck Norris is in camouflage.
Don't believe everything you see. Opened in PAINT & picked up the color from "B" then brushed over the letter "A". Same color in both squares.
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