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Atlanta, GA
Kiev, Ukraine
The Lighting Magician
I am completely self taught. I don't know the rules, nor do I care about them. I don't follow the herd, I do it my way.
That’s turned out to be invaluable in what I do. It has allowed me to experiment, see outside the borders, challenge the authorities and create a stunning photography style that is crisp, sharp and crystal clear.

I’m inspired by progress and movement. I’m incredibly persistent and never take "less than perfect" for an answer. If I don't have the right tools, I'll build them myself. I like to make stuff happen.

My educational photography projects:
My e-books and video tutorials:

P.S Sorry to everyone who sent me an email with photography related questions and never got my answer. I simply can't answer to everyone, even if I'll work full day answering your questions.

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Alex Koloskov

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The lighting magican
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November 2


Alex Koloskov

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Yellow Crying...
It was a shot for "Lite It" +Scott Kelby magazine.. did you see the BTS?
It was published some time ago (last year).
Waiting for my Studio Product Photography Course to go live on KelbyOne:-)
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nice idea!
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Alex Koloskov

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Splashy Rainbow
It was an experiment  with hi-speed strobes, glitter, glycerin, water and Photoshop:-) 
The announce of liquid/splash photography online masterclass is coming soon, meanwhile check out what we have on Photigy right now:
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Looks like the hot springs in Yellowstone national park
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Alex Koloskov

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Sidewalk to the house... Jim Gibbs house.
One more shot form Gibbs gardens - this is where the Jim Gibbs, the owner and gardens creator lives... 
Beautiful place
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+Michael Burke Well, I did not do any special. focused to about 10 -15 feet away, which was close to infinit. Then when you resize for web, it is easy to boost sharpness (when you do it right). +Genia Larionova can tell you more, she processed this image for me (as usual :)
Thank you everyone! 
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Alex Koloskov

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HDR? Nope...
Photomatix stop working on +Genia Larionova computer, so we have to use a single exposure now  :-)
CPL filter helped here. Photo from Gibbs gardens we visited a week ago.
More to come :-)
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Как картина
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Alex Koloskov

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Last week we went to Photoshop World to meet our good friends and make new :-)
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yeah agreed - if you removed the shadow you might make it seem way too unrealistic.  
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iPhone vs Hasselblad: Are you still thinking about buying a new camera?
One of the photos below came from Hasselblad camera and medium format digital back and another from an iPhone 5S. Which one? To find out, go here:
#insane   #photography   #iphone   #iphoneography  
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The end output is the determinant of the equipment you use, coupled with the skill of a pro photographer. Interesting debate :)
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beautiful <3
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Alex Koloskov

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Studio Photography Contest: theme Green 
This is what we'll be doing for a next month: shooting  *Green*
Get your creativity engaged and go for it!
P.S New rules - check them out!
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Alex Koloskov

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Just a splash 
The image is 4400x2900 pixels, grab for your wallpaper of for print if you like:-)
More splash photography here:
P.S re-post. now it should work - you can download hires from here, tweaked G+ settings. :-)
#TL   #LT  
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My dear Alex, should I use it in a my  Pinterest  painel, called Bublles  Bolhas(?), perfect, with the credits of course. Great shot.
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