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With the uproar regarding Elsevier etc., some Elsevier journal academic editors may want to decamp and start a journal that is open-access, or at least not published by Elsevier. Where is best to learn about Open Journal Systems, other options, costs, editing, maintenance time- so that can estimate whether it's feasible?
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For mathematics and physics and other fields in which people willing to submit in LaTeX file format, relatively easy- no typesetting needed and I assume academics can handle everything themselves, with the help of something like Open Journal Systems. For other fields, publishing process more expensive and options are narrower. More work required per manuscript. Need to know who are reasonable, low-cost publishers where author-fee open access is not feasible.
Thanks +Peter Suber for that excellent list and +Huw Price that's the closest info resource I've seen to what is needed- Ideally a web page might provide 3 or 4 examples of different publisher subscription fee/service combinations that will allow an Elsevier editorial board member to quickly gain confidence that switching from Elsevier to someone better is practical and not too difficulty. I'm worried that without that, they may be overwhelmed by all the info about open access and such and give up. Need some succinct suggestions / briefings directed. A how-to of decamping from your current publisher with a FAQ.
I've also heard Scholastica and Annotum mentioned as tools worth checking out. +Carl Leubsdorf, Jr. is the one to talk to about Annotum.
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