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After trying everything in and Googling, still got black screen.
Tried on Ubuntu 16.04 with Chrome 53+ and Windows 10 with Chrome 53+.
Yeah, the Native client demo cube does not show correctly and it says 'The Portable Native Client component is not installed.' But Chrome does have pnacl component installed.

Does anyone have the same issue? How can I resolve this? +Koushik Dutta
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Why Android Frameworks use client-server architecture a lot? Such as media server, audio server and camera server(after Lollipop). Camera API, for example, old camera API live directly in app server, camera 2 introduce CameraManager and camera server. The APIs are simply proxies to the servers and the servers do the real work. What are the advantages of this kind CS over directly provides the API?

How to do realtime rendering with RenderScript?
Why deprecate RenderScriptGL, RSSurface and RSTextureView? How to do realtime rendering with RenderScript now? And how to implement live wallpaper with RenderScript now? Built-in livewallpaper like Galaxy and HoloSpiral are based on RSSurfaceView, but not available in SDK anymore.

Why does Android enforce that only main thread can touch views? ViewRootImpl#checkThread will reject any non main thread when operating views. What are the concerns if allow any thread to touch views? Some other GUI platforms (like Swing) do not have such constraint.

Why Dialog enforce Activity context where its parameter is common Context? If try to show dialog with application context, you will get crash. Can anyone explain this in detail?

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rare blue sky
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Android5.1 seems has battery issues. Battery becomes about 30% from 100% by only listening musics with Google Music for about one hour.
And when WiFi is on, battery drops quickly even charger is connected.

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