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Alex Hakobian
RPGs and videogames.
RPGs and videogames.

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Okay, folks. I understand Pride was over the weekend. But did you have to leave all your glitter on every single seat along the entire bench in the train?


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Resharing for the evening crowd, in case you missed the news earlier this morning. Broadsword is live! And we've already got 34% funded in just the first 12 hours!

Go Heroes!

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Now live (and correctly shared publicly):

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Hey Snarkers, we're finally live.

Go Heroes!

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That unmistakable stench of stale piss right as you step into the train, and no obvious source of the odor. Welcome to the L.

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Can't explain it. Don't want to.

Uhhh, so... okay, yeah. Disregard that last post, here's why.

It has come to my attention that launching a Kickstarter on a Friday is likely going to be bad for my wellbeing. People are mostly checked out for the weekend, and I'll probably end up a wreck with constant worry and burying my face in my phone, effectively ruining my weekend and earning the ire of my family.

So, for my own sanity, I'm going to move the launch date to next Monday, June 26.

I'm sorry this is being done so last minute, but it's for the best. Monday hype!

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2 days!
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3 days.
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