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TGIF! Hope you're having a good end of the week and are ready for the weekend. For Follow Friday I like to share out some Circles that can help people get more out of G+. This is my G+ Engagers Circle, a wide variety of people with differing views and opinions, but united by a willingness to engage with others, through posts and comments, in a respectful, witty, fun and intelligent manner. A great way to improve and add to your stream.
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+Alexander Angelides Moving up, for sure. My main criteria for this are what I stated above, respectful and engaging interaction, as well as specific interaction on threads and posts that I am on too so as to get to know the person better. I'm sure you'll be on here soon enough :)
Thank you, although I've been so busy to engage this week! And next week too! I will try though!
Thank you so much for including me +Alex Grossman I'm touched & honored to be included in a circle with such wonderful people! (((HUGS)))
ouch, i thought i would make the cut
+Damilola Oni you may very well, just that I haven't known you long and I still need to get to know you :)
Agreed +Laura Topliffe, this week has been rough for me too. I do miss all the good conversation, sorry gang :(
Lots of awesome people in this circle. I'm so glad to be a part of it. Thanks! :D
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