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General Mills did a really nice job on this retraction. It's worth reading.
As has been widely reported, General Mills recently posted a revised set of Legal Terms on our websites. Those terms – and our intentions – were widely misread, causing concern among consumers. So we’ve listened – and we’re changing them back to what they were before. We rarely have...
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"A once little-known set of national educational standards introduced in 44 states and the District of Columbia with the overwhelming support of Republican governors, the Common Core has incited intense resistance on the right and prompted some in the party to reverse field and join colleagues who believe it will lead to a federal takeover of schools.

Conservatives denounce it as “Obamacore,” in what has become a surefire applause line for potential presidential hopefuls. Other Republicans are facing opprobrium from their own party for not doing more to stop it. At a recent Republican women’s club luncheon in North Carolina, a member went from table to table distributing literature that called the program part of “the silent erosion of our civil liberties.”


Supporters of the Common Core, which outlines skills that students in each grade should master but leaves actual decisions about curriculum to states and districts, say that it was not created by the federal government and that it was up to the states to decide whether to adopt the standards."

Sad to see yet another example of how far the GOP has fallen. Their knee-jerk reaction to any policy that is favored by the President, even if it originated from their side, is absurd and rather pathetic in terms of demonstration real leadership. I would love to see a choice between multiple political parties on ways to move this country forward. Instead, what I see is one party with their vision of how to do so, and another with a path that leads this country backwards.
The Common Core, a set of national educational standards, is seen by some conservatives as federal overreach. But in contrast to the Affordable Care Act, it has Republican defenders.
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The failure of the Common Core is in its implementation, not its vision or goals. It is the continuation of the state bureaucracy that is deliberately focused on pushing for moving public education into the hands OG private interests. Make no mistake, that is their goal, the welfare of our kids be damned.
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Capture is confirmed!  Dragon now attached to station's robotic arm, ready for final berthing and unload.
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"The real Jesus, the historical Jesus, the Middle Eastern Jew who advocated for the poor, whose politics were adamantly, I would even say violently, against the wealthy, is a Jesus that is very threatening to a lot of these guys in the right wing. I mean, if you can with a straight face stand up and say that Jesus would want to get rid of food stamps and welfare, as some of these guys do, obviously you’re going to feel extremely threatened by historians who present a Jesus who in actuality stands against everything that you pretend that he stands for."
Reza Aslan on why he loves being on Glenn Beck's "chalkboard of crazy," and why Jesus would raise the minimum wage
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The simple fact that Nicolas Maduro is not Chavez is one of the president's biggest hurdles
Venezuela's president lacks the charisma and cult of personality maintained by the late Hugo Chavez.
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My friends know that Leonard Nimoy is married to my first cousin Susan (her father and my mother were brother and sister). I have been close with Susan, who is a “smidge” older than me, throughout ...
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Heh ... he thinks it's called 'davening?' (grin) He knows it's called davening.

Truly, Nimoy is an amazing guy, and he is at his most magical when all of his personae come together in one place where he feels safe to be everything he is: an observant Jew, a Shakespeare scholar, an attentive reader of literature, a historian of the Yiddish Theatre roots of American stage and film comedy, etc. I was once a guest on a show he used to do about technology, and we spent a couple hours onstage together as the segment was slowly videotaped -- I was the only 'stranger' there: everybody else was clearly a long-time colleague and the studio ran with the clockwork efficiency of a team that's done this routine a hundred times before, so Nimoy was 'at home' in this place. And it was amazing: he kept up this constant stream of relaxed, amusing, erudite banter on a dozen subjects, culminating in a series of takes on how Shylock has been represented onstage with varying degrees of 'Jewishness' by different actors. I was totally enthralled: we were ten million light years away from that banal vision of Hollywood as a place filled with brain-baked dollies and machers, and into a parallel vision of Hollywood as a place filled with thinkers like Nimoy, S.J. Perelman, the Marx Brothers, etc.
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Technology has the potential to affect the value of items that are now rare and expensive, everything from diamonds to paintings and autographs.
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"If Russia moves into eastern Ukraine, Washington should station permanent forces in the Baltics:"
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"PolitiFact Florida reviewed comments from the hearings and found that several of the most dramatic criticisms aren’t backed up by the facts. Here is a brief review of some of their findings. (See individual reports for more details.)"
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