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I am a brief description of you.

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So it turns out that I like Vegemite more than Marmite. Though both are excellent toast toppings.
One of the many things I regret is not trying any New Zealand Marmite while I was there.

More reason to try and move there!

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Never thought I'd be around to share the good news with everyone!

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Talos Principle is 50% off right now on Steam. Well worth it, and they just put out a free DLC that replaces the main narrator's (Elohim's) voice with that of Serious Sam. It's amazing, he's such a jerk now.

Also this works in Linux.

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In honor of #Amplitude being remade.

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Besiege looks really cool! I don't have much hope for making machines comparable to the ones in this video, but it's still really cool!

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The Pima Air & Space Museum is AMAZING. The indoor hangars are cool and whatever, but outside is an aircraft enthusiast's wet dream. Obviously you get the military fighters and whatever. But you also have experimental designs that never made it to production and quite a few historical civilian planes. For someone like me, it was fucking wild. Going back tomorrow because there isn't going to be rain :D

Oh, they do have an SR-71 and a D-21 indoors, so the indoor hangars aren't all second-fiddle to the backyard.
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I apparently own 1 square foot of an island in Maine, thanks to +Cards Against Humanity 's 10 days (or whatever) of Kwanzaa. Pretty sure this means I'm kind of a Big Deal now.

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God damnit, people that aren't racist assholes really need to come out of Tumblr or wherever they're about and start posting on other social networks. Because as it stands, the racists and misogynists are saturating the public internet, and it's profoundly depressing.

90s BT is amazing. ESCM and Movement In Still-Life are both amazing records.
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