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Illuminating. Number one reason for crashes and fatalities: drivers not paying attention. Approximately one out of 10 cars on my daily 60-mile commute has a visibly distracted driver: lane drifting, eyes off the road, failure to keep distance, delayed reaction to traffic conditions. Scary.
After 1.7 million miles we’ve learned a lot — not just about our system but how humans drive, too.
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Mine came out a bit fuzzy. Hope yours is sharper.
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+Kara Masters: do hummingbirds feel joy?
Hummingbird in Flight!

All natural light!

A wonderful tour and fantastic guests in Ecuador during this past January, the very first tour for me to host in this beautiful country.

Join me and my group in November 2015??

We still have room for you.

Sparkling Violet-ear
RJB Ecuador Tours
1/2000s f/4.0 at 400.0mm iso1600

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His work dwarfs all what I can do or did in similar field, but again, he is a pro!!!
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featured: laughing, ideas, health, persistence, ... you.
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Who, me? Me, quiet? SquaAAAAAAAAAK!!!!
Have you been reading Quora lately? Especially topics on Russia [ ] and Ukraine [ ]? I see no shorta...
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who would have through it'd work in the Internet age so well... It took a Putin to find out...
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Alex Gerulaitis

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Where's the "redial button" on Google hangouts, and a list of previously dialed numbers?
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+Alex Gerulaitis I said that it is dramatically better in my eyes not that there were dramatic enhancements. There is a difference. 

What makes it dramatically better for me is that now Google Voice and Hangouts work together completely smoothly. I had to go to Google Voice for some things, to basic Android functions for some others, to Hangouts for still others -- and some functions (e.g., MMS) just weren't there unless I wanted to use my Google Voice number. Now there are no major missing functions and everything is where it feels like it should be. There is no need to use different apps for closely related functions. Since I use my Google Voice number exclusively on my phone, that's a huge improvement.
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deer visitors...
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the guy looks like a pro!
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that Prius swagger... is righteous!
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Apparently there's no requirement to list sources of ingredients on food product labels - even if there's only one ingredient, like... honey. Seriously?
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gotta love the wings' shape
The Golden Feathers:

That outline this birds head are incredible. 

This bird is named Sasquatch!  He is almost 27 years old, raised by a falconer.  Trained to fly on command, we all gather in a horseshoe shape, usually 8 photographers and photograph this incredible bird.

Usually 10 flights, and my falconer friend will put him away for the next bird.  Snowy owl, bald eagle, great horned owl, red-tailed hawk and others.  There are several sample images in the attached gallery. (Falconers Workshops)

2 more workshops coming soon., thanks so much to all my guests for joining this fun experience!

Please respect nature!


Golden Eagle Lift-off
RJB Raptors in Flight Workshops
1/1250s f/4.0 at 280.0mm iso1000

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  #workshop #canada #canadaphotography #goldeneagles  
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#birdphotography   #birdphotographs   #googlephotos #googlephotography      #wildlifephotographer  
#raymondbarlownaturephototours    #travelphotography   #10000photographers #circleshare #circleoftheday  
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Thanks for sharing my image Alex., me 2, my favourite wing position on a raptor.
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systems integration, system administration, technical support, sales support, Windows, Mac OSX, hardware (Intel, AMD, Apple, HP, Dell, Supermicro), virtualization (Hyper-V 2008, 2012), networking, programming (C, shells)
  • Disney / ABC Television Group
    System Administrator, Video Operations, 2014 - present
  • DV411
    Digital Media Systems Engineer, 1995 - 2014
  • PIE Systems
    Systems Engineer, 1992 - 1995
    Programmer, System Administrator, 1986 - 1990
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systems engineer, photographer
IT consultant, photographer running on coffee and other biofuels, helping video professionals and businesses with fast, stable and secure computer systems.

Also known for taking several 1st places in break-dance championships in the former Soviet Union, in 1986-1987.
  • Moscow State University
    Computer Science, 1981 - 1986
  • Moscow School 7
    math, physics, 1978 - 1981
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Purchased 2015 Prius C in February via Costco auto program, with the help of Carolina Gutierrez. Professional, very patient, overall a five star experience.
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First time there today, and quite enjoyed the variety, lots of samples, sunny attitude of vendors.
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drop-off hours: 9am - 6:30pm
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The service (of credit repair) that I purchased in July 2011 was not performed at all in the promised 6 months; no response or communication since then; no response to repeated email and phone inquiries.
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I've known Noel for several years and this isn't the first time he's done wiring and installation jobs for me and my business which included network wiring, solving a difficult electrical wiring issue, and just recently, installation of a dimmable track light. Every time it's a stellar job; Noel is: - punctual - reasonable - considerate - clean - really knows his stuff Kudos Noel - you are One Good Electrician.
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"Latte for here" is my drink, and it's the best I've had in the entire town.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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