April 17, 1967
Last episode of Gilligan's Island aired.
Originally, it was planned for the series to be renewed at the conclusion of its third season, but at the last minute, CBS decided to renew their older show Gunsmoke (which soon vaulted to the top five in the rankings) and drop Gilligan's Island. This came as a shock to both the cast, crew, and series creator Sherwood Schwartz. At the time of its cancellation, the series was ranked 44th out of 101 shows in total.
Immediately following the cessation of the show, it was sold into syndication and became a major success.
The series cast of seven main actors and actresses:
Bob Denver played the role of the titular First Mate Gilligan, a bumbling, naive, and accident-prone crewman who often messes up the castaways chances of rescue.
Alan Hale portrayed The Skipper, captain of the S.S. Minnow and the older friend of Gilligan.
Jim Backus appeared as Thurston Howell III, a millionaire.
Natalie Schafer played his wife, Eunice Lovelle Wentworth Howell.
Tina Louise played the role Ginger Grant, a famous movie star.
Russell Johnson portrayed Professor Roy Hinkley, Ph.D., a high school science teacher who often uses his scientific background to try to find ways to get the castaways off the island.
Dawn Wells played Mary Ann Summers, wholesome farm girl from Kansas.
Charles Maxwell was the uncredited voice of the radio announcer, who the castaways would often listen in their radio.
More info at http://www.imdb.com/list/ls075089569/
For those who are not tired of hearing the theme song :)

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