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6 simple steps for a better Google+ experience Updated: October 2014
Especially puzzling for beginners is that they post something public and nobody answers. Then they think that the reports about Google+ being dead or a Ghost Town are true.

Myth: If you post public everyone can see your post
Potentially true but not completely true.
Everyone can see it IF:
    a) they visit your profile
    b) search for one of the words in your post
The truth is 99% of the people will have no idea you exist or posted something until they add you to their circles. Only then, people will see your post in their stream.

So the process to gain visibility is:
   1) Create an interesting profile. (Add a photo, any photo).
   2) Add people to your circles.
   3) Visit their profile or read home (stream) and +1, comment, reshare their posts
   4) Join communities. +1, comment, reshare. Contribute great content. Do not link dump or advertise. Communities are about giving not asking/begging.
   5) Keep posting public (unless it is something really private or circle oriented)
   6) Thank your followers for their comments and re-shares on your posts.
And repeat steps 2-6 often.
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Good tip, Alex! One post I would gladly re-share.
Scot Duke
Great info.  Probably would be good if this was shared with people currently not using G+ because they were told nobody is here.
I agree +Scot Duke I am hoping that people will pass this post along to others reluctant to join in. And that newcomers will see it when I invite them to explore my profile. 
Because this is a public post, people can read it even if they are not Google+ users.
+Alex Garcia Yep..have kinda given up providing this kind of info to my contacts outside of G+.  Maybe if they get it from someone else they will see that I am not a Google Employee. :-)
I gotta disagree right off the bat. Posting public is the worst thing about Google+. Every Saturday I'm bombarded with cat posts. Every Thursday its ginger posts. I don't want to see them. If I have someone in my antique car circle and they post 1% car stuff, 99% cat stuff I'm forced to to see it all because they post public instead of to their car circle and cat circle. I either have to uncircle that person, missing out on a new connection, or endure a bazillion cat posts which makes me not want to visit Google+.
Some things should be posted publicly, but not everything. +Alex Garcia 
+C. Paul Courtney I post public to meet more people.  If I circle someone who post too much of one thing..I put them in another circle and turn the volume down.  I just created a circle called Dorks for people who have not figured out is kinda my probation circle.  I use the specially circles I have created to broadcast out things to just the circle but that is very rare when I do that.  I think the power of G+ is the Public posting and the Circles.
Absolutely correct +Alex Garcia! Most people forget step 1 and get ignored. They need to know that best way to start conversation is to introduce yourself ;)
+Clare Cosgrove that sounds like a great idea. However, if I do that, wouldn't I miss the 1% car post avoiding the cat posts?
You left out one other way people see public posts.

With the mobile app, you can see all public posts NEARBY.

When I travel, it's actually fun...especially in read the public nearby posts.
+Scot Duke I would say they are into cars but into cats more. We all have multiple interests. In my mind, that's the reason for Circles. If I want to talk about a movie, I post it to my movies circle, not my gardening circle. (unless it's a movie about gardening, lol).
I recommend public posting unless there is a reason for posting private, because not posting public limits distribution of the post and makes profiles look empty when someone is going to add you. Because they are not in one of your circles yet, they can see nothing.
If you have hundreds of followers it's impossible to know why they added you and you don't know in which circle they should be in.
It is your responsibility to put me in your cat circle if I post 99% of the time about cats.
Until groups are created in Google+ in which people can talk about exclusive subjects, and everyone knows why people have joined, you will have to put up with the mix +C. Paul Courtney 
haha ive tried it already with my friend and called it 'stalking'
I think Pages is the way to go for Special Interest posting.  In some cases Pages work much better and keeps the crossover posts to a minimum.  Or at least it does for me.
Thank you Mr. Garcia!  There is a lot to learn about Google + and I love how it works so well with Google, and the rest of the internet!
It's all good +Prasad Bakre .
I don't want you guys to think I'm anti-public post. I just think Circle posts are under utilized.
+Scot Duke Pages focus on interests better. The only problem is that not everyone can be in the driver seat. So if you have a cars page, I can comment on it, send you a post, but I can't make my post visible to everyone.
+Alex Garcia You can comment if you Follow the Page.  You are correct, the Page Owner can't comment to a person interested in Cars if that person is not Following the page.  That is when the Person who owns the page should change Hats back to their profile page and approaches the person to suggest they Follow the Page if they have interest in Cars.  To do this is laborious to say the least, but that is how Google has it set up for the time being.  I agree with why since it keeps the Pages from Spamming the Public Stream.
+Clare Cosgrove It is a good idea for Groups and would be used.  However, what it also will do is make G+ look to the Newbies even more like a Ghost town because those posts made in the Groups are not in the Public Stream.  That is why G+ is getting hammered today is due to all the private (limited) posts people are making that are not showing up in any data report.
Thanks everyone for your contributions. I think lively discussions are a trademark of Google+ and always a good example for people trying to see what is different about this place. There are also an example of the civility of the users, that can have a difference of opinion without attacking each other. 
+Alex Garcia We are all starting to sound like Google Employees, wonder if we could invoice them?
Good advise for newbees like me
Also Keep checking whats happening in hot or nearby to look for intering people.
Someone tell me how I can + this post twice
Openly criticize politics or will get responses!
+Phil Rounds goal is circle additions, not just responses :)
If you get 100 comments and no circle adds it was a fail.
Do I dare share this on FB? I think I should.
That's something to think about, thanks for the input
I was puzzled by it. Thanks for the post.
Google Plus is only ghost town for people that aren't interesting or interested in anything.
Thanx, this will help.
i like Google+ but it would be better if more people joined :)
+Bryan Brackney But Google+ isn't about friends you already know, it's about making new ones that share your interests.
I've just started using google +,I use SNS for more than meeting people,I use it for following my interests for example follow +OMGFacts facts on twitter and various interests on Facebook in google plus I have everything in a 1 stop shop, the only downside is no-one is on I personally know but to be honest I've grown bored of watching play out their lives on Facebook so its google + all the way for me and twitter and Facebook are getting deleted, hopefully I can convince my friends to join but if not ho-hum
Some good advice, thank you 
Poco a poco estoy trayendo a mi familia aqui...especialmente por el hangout! 
How do I find out how many people have read each post?
when i first started using G+ i thought it sucked. after a couple months of posting and finding people, its becoming my favorite social network. I find it sucks for people that are scared to post public.
+Neil Stockley You can only see the count +1s and reshares. If someone reads it and leaves no marks you can't tell. You can also see Ripples for public posts.
I have Google Plus on my older Dell Laptop! I use it for Sharing Articles!
Why can't I get it on my New Dell Laptop?
Well done +Alex Garcia you've got this spot on. Also, I think Google+ needs some sort of way for people to more easily discovered other people who they might want to add to their circles.
+Alan Kanczes if they don't have a share g+ button, the easiest way is probably to just copy / paste the link (URL address) on a post. If you still don't understand let me know.
I totally agree. I believe that Google + will the future. It just got that right mix between socialising and privacy.
How do you convert all the FB family members to G+...
+Tyrone Waight Jr. Start posting photos in Google+ :) Well, that is the challenge. It's not impossible. Moving networks was done before and it will be done again. But requires time.
+Alex Garcia Nice post, but, you kind of segued from "why people think it's a ghost town" to "how to get noticed". The people, often journalists, who look at G+ and see a "ghost town" clearly don't get it,  but not matter how visible you are on G+ you're still invisible to anyone who hasn't circled you, yet....or happened to search for a word in your public posts.
I'm now making a real effort to get completely away from FB, to the point that I haven't even installed the FB app on my new phone (a Samsung Galaxy SII, which I really, really like).  I've been trying to get most of my friends there to sign up for G+; any ideas on how I can encourage them without being a pest?
+justin wright  I guess my message is that you have to create your own audience. Audience is not a default. The public is there but they are not watching your channel. 
totally agree G+ is a whole lot better then Facebook , look how Facebook crashed just like Mypace did lol everyone is leaving Facebook to come here :)
Good, succinct and helpful way to understand Google+ much better. I will follow your tips.
i''m with you andy, no more facebook on any of my mobile devices..
I'm going to begin pestering
Circle sharing is also important. Its like the Seniors mentoring the Freshman.
LOL. The G+ is supposed to be laid back and that's what I hoped for. 
Oh, and Nazareth, I think you just click on "Edit Profile" then on the "About" box and then it opens up and you can type whatever you want in it. 
+Nazareth Marin Add me to your circles. I answered you privately but for some reason you are not getting it. Click on your photo. At the top of your profile there is a blue button that says "Edit profile". Then click introduction box and there you go. For more information, please message me. We don't want to run a tutorial through the comments. Thanks.
I think it's a bit of a challenge to build up a page, since you're not allowed to add people until they've added you. I'd like to build up my Baylor Doctor page, but since I can't add people first it becomes very difficult.
There is nothing wrong with G+, it's just that the world moved to Facebook and people don't like change once they find a comfortable lillypad.

The experimentalists moved to G+. When it stops feeling experimental and everybody's dumb relatives show up to make it their new home, you'll probably start to hate it.
True +Samuel Rogers It's called spam protection. The control is with the users rather than the business. It is a little bit of pain, but at least the followers you get will be really interested in your stuff, and fully engaged because they signed up for it.
Lauren Smith - To share a G+ post, click the little curved arrow under the post, next to the +1, then choose with whom you want to share it by selecting "Public" or one or more of your circles.
Can someone tell me how to get the "+name" of someone I'm replying to in the comment?
+Alex Garcia I guess it does make sense, since I would feel weird if a big company like Coke of Microsoft added me to their circles when I haven't added them
+Andy Anderson Just type + wait for a few secs and start typing letters. a drop down should show up with the options. 
I like how google+ is set up! I stick to music posts only
+Alex Garcia Thanks!  Actually, I tried that, but I guess I didn't wait long enough.  I'm learning (and liking) more about G+ all the time.
+Larry Olson when your family shows up, you put them in a circle and turn that circle's volume down. How's that for good circle management and application +Alex Garcia ?
Thanks Alex Garcia for boosting my confidence in pursuing Google Plus. I am a beginner and I find it funny not putting my pictures in the photo/album section using my iPhone. I realized that it could be done in the desktop...too much facebooking I guess. 
I really like using the mobile version of g+ and having the what's hot tab and the nearby tab to comment and read some rather interesting posts.
I did wonder why my public posts haven't been commented on or +1'd... now I know. Good tips thanks +Alex Garcia
Great post Alex! Thank for sharing!
This will help out the newbies. Very informative.
Wow, I hope it does work though, I would love to have a lot of friends and followers on my G+ account. :)
We're here were here were here
The second half of the picture looks like Facebook.
Google Plus's photo app is better than MyFace's, which makes it a handy way to cheaply back up all my photos.  So thanks Google!
I think it is also important that you give some time to it, you really cannot expect to have thousands of followers just after you open your account. Also to create an interesting collection of posts it would take time and quality content shared over time would raise your stature.
I've posted things publicly on here and immediately got a response. Because of the nearby circle. If someone around you has the same interest then they will comment.
I think it's helpfull..thanx anyways :-)
What is that first picture? A church?
+Sarah Kiamie I think it the train station at Disneyland, opposite of the Mickey head shaped flowers at the entrance of the park.

Edit: you can see it in the background in the second picture. 
Let's see if this can help me get started :D
I am sure not everyone will figure that out maybe if I share this they will and past it along.
Me to this, still trying to suss it all out!!!!!
Cool good advice mate cheers 
but i prefer to go jogging in 1st one
There are lot of conversation in Google+ especially in Facebook, and mostly Twitter. People shares things like pictures, videos, links, and documents to be entertain, admire, and learn. We all does the same activity after work and than we create and affect our society.
I'm new to Google +, so this was an excellent post for me!
facebook is so much more in the now not google plus at least for ppl my age
+Pascal Massie You can post public but very few people will see it until you have an audience. And you have to build the audience. It is not included in the signup package.
I'm just pointing that the main reason for not getting an answer is not because Google+ is empty, but because you are not visible yet. 
The party is here. If you want to just wave from the door, sit in a corner and wait or you go ahead and mingle, it's your choice.
It's the same thing with voting. Some people say "Oh, that candidate has no chance of winning, and although I agree with his policies, why vote for him?" It's that kind of thinking which leads to the candidate losing the election.
I prefer the first scene. 
So different from facebook. Ty for the tips.
I think I've had my Google+ account for about 8 Months and only started really using it in the last week or so. The more I use it, the more I seem to get into it. Think for a long time I was trying to use as a replacement for Facebook. On G+ you seem to be exposed to a much larger group of people, instead of just "Friends" and "Friends of Friends" which I'm enjoying allot more. 
thank very much for the tips,might get on better now cheers
Absolutely right. Although I am still new enough that I still almost believe the ghost town myth.
I still like the 'before' picture of Google+
Thanks for the tip. I will certainly apply them. Hope iyt's okay to add you to my circle man.
Thanks for this insight.  Love the pics!
Good hints are always welcome, badly that the best hints are written in english and some people in my circles can't english.
Why do people feel the need to tell Google + users to use Google +?
+Scott Read, some G+ users are pretty new and don't know how G+ works? Not everyone is a geek and learn fast how things works.
People beg you to add them... They never post anything.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
I tried to post this on Facebook and it was flagged and pulled....... okay, not really. But some of you were totally prepared to believe me. Perhaps, without even fact checking what I said or asking me to prove it. We all know what tactics are used there.It's one of the many things wrong with Facebook. It is also one of many reasons I love Google + .
Thanks everybody for the google+ advice. I've been here about a month. I downloaded the app out of curiosity. Google+ made YouTube work for me. So I kept google+ because it made other apps work better. I have not figured out how to use google+ yet. I thought it was a ghost town here. All the info in this post and the comments is helpful and encouraging. Thanks everyone.
YOu can also hit the "Explore" button on the left side. I didn't know G+ was so awesome till I saw that
good info..thanks..will re-share
Thank you for helping me to learn better. I will share with my students too.
Appreciated, and hopefully not underestimated!
Great tip. Would definitely share.
I have to say, Google Plus is probably the most social social network out there. On both Facebook and Twitter, you really only communicate with those you know and are following. On Google plus, you can instantly start conversation with just about anyone!
with all the shit going on in facebook, I really think G+ is much better.

Facebook charges for posting. promoted posting. wtf
Facebook... ? Doesn't ring the slightest of bells. 
Use "What's Hot" should be in there.
Only it doesn't really exist except on the mobile app.
+Alex Garcia I am just not sure if Aneroid G+ featured the ´disable reshare or comments ´functions ?
...but facebook has some extra factor .... fb still rocks!!!!
Yeah...Google+ a social network where we can learn about traditions around the globe.
either way it works for me. Its got the best of the best
I realize that if i want info I go to Google+ but if i want family, friend updates or the religious words of the day then I go to Facebook.
Until your family moves here +Timothy Coghill :) 
I know a lot of people says Facebook = Family/Friends
But really if you think this is a better place why wouldn't you recommend it to your friends and family. Especially when Facebook has so many issues regarding privacy and trust.
you have to make your post public and ALSO share with your circles. Notifying them by mail is an excellent choice
Thanks for the explanation. That had clarified a lot.
Goodmorning !thanks now I have idea how to start
Excellent points! I think some people forget what a true social network stands for: mutual interaction, not soapbox.
a very good place with no people, a little bit rough place with a lot of people.  hehe fantastic
HRD 77
a google people
+heather davidson If you are suggesting that I have any connection with Google you are totally wrong. I just love their products and my only interest is that Google+ keeps growing so one day all my family/friends/others are here. 
I receive no compensation. reward or special treatment for my voluntary efforts.
Thanks, because I love Google+ but I was about to give up
Good tips, however one of the beautiful things about Google + is that most of my Facebook 'friends' are not on here......
+Michael O'Donnell Just type + , wait a second and start typing the name, as you type letters a dropdown menu will show you options to select. You need to select one of the options. Typing the whole name will not mention.
al crow
not yet it doesnt.
India is #2 in the world in number of Google Plus users. Are you just looking for family +Siva Shankar S T ?
Great pic even though its irrelevant :)
If you don't believe that G+ is a ghost town, try posting the same item on G+ and Pinterest.  You will get 10x the number of likes and shares on Pinterest.
+Tony Pak We are talking quality, not quantity. I would rather get 10 comments in Google Plus than 100 mindless clicks in Pinterest. But you can choose a different path. 
+Alex Garcia No, your post specifically addresses G+ being seen as a "ghost town".  When most people use that term, they are referring to the quantity of posts, not the quality.  I never said the quality of posts of Pinterest is better than G+.
Thanks for the tips.  Still a Newbie and appreciate the help. :-)
+Alex Garcia oh ok. I read in another post that if you wanted posts to be seen around the web or for a social app to count your G+ activity you have to post "public" but you can also post to your circles as well. I figured that public posts would be seen by all if you wanted your circles to see it. So basically in order to be seen more by G+ users, I just have to keep adding more people to my circles.
+Quaisha A. Thornton You have to add more people to circles to be seen more (if they add you back). But you don't post to both public and circles at the same time (You don't choose both public and circles when sharing). Public already include your circles.
Thanks for the tips Alex I have found that in Google + you receive more shares and comments than Facebook and the info is of a higher quality 
thanks a lot man, been trying to get my friends on this instead of facebook. Everyone on facebook always seem angry lol.
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii all
i dont know any thing about G+
can u plz help me???
I'm confused...not unusual for me. I am trying to understand why you added me to your Google+. Do I know you? Is this just something people do to have big groups of 'friends' like Facebook? 
I added you because you were asking how to use Google+ in a public post +Simon Hinton If you don't have any questions,  I can delete you from my circles. It makes absolutely no difference who adds you. If you post public everyone can read it, even if they don't add you.
Great insight... Thanks Alex!
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