6 simple steps for a better Google+ experience Updated: October 2014
Especially puzzling for beginners is that they post something public and nobody answers. Then they think that the reports about Google+ being dead or a Ghost Town are true.

Myth: If you post public everyone can see your post
Potentially true but not completely true.
Everyone can see it IF:
    a) they visit your profile
    b) search for one of the words in your post
The truth is 99% of the people will have no idea you exist or posted something until they add you to their circles. Only then, people will see your post in their stream.

So the process to gain visibility is:
   1) Create an interesting profile. (Add a photo, any photo).
   2) Add people to your circles.
   3) Visit their profile or read home (stream) and +1, comment, reshare their posts
   4) Join communities. +1, comment, reshare. Contribute great content. Do not link dump or advertise. Communities are about giving not asking/begging.
   5) Keep posting public (unless it is something really private or circle oriented)
   6) Thank your followers for their comments and re-shares on your posts.
And repeat steps 2-6 often.
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