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Shortcuts through G+ Universe
Updated: June 16th, 2015
Sometimes you don’t want to click many times to reach the destination. I decided to make a list of the ones I could find. Bookmarking some of them will help you, when you don't remember how to get to them or to get there faster. Bookmark your favourites.
Home page
Your profile
Your circles
Your followers
Want to know who added you, but you did not add yet?
Your pages (owner)

Your (privacy) settings
Set age and country restrictions to your content
Your subscriptions (hold control key when clicking on this one as it needs to open in a separate window)

Old photos (G+ photos)
All your photos

What’s hot
Hangouts on Air (to watch)
Hangouts that you have been invited to

Manage apps
Your old +1s in G+

Profile tabs: 
Your +1s in websites

Notifications filters
From your posts
From others’ posts
From mentions

Google policy
Google account settings
Sign out of Google account
Learn about safety
Devices you are logged on

Learn more
Send Feedback
Help pages
Official G+ Help community
Google+ Playbook

New Google photos: (not in G+) 
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Mobile access
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See edit or review section in this link +Daya Kadam
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Like oil and water
Google has worked hard to integrate YouTube and Google+, but they never mixed. DO NOT DELETE your google+ profile linked to your YouTube account. The separation process is not complete yet. 
Different audiences, different interests.
Personally, this change will encourage me to go back to posting videos with timestamps, as they will be useful for my audience and won't show up in YouTube comments.
Moonshots factory
Best presentation I have seen so far in I/O 2015 videos
01:24 The moonshots factory (Google X)
03:07 Who should be taking moonshots?
04:57 Blueprint for a moonshot
08:31 Test in the real world. Fail fast
11:47 Project Wings
16:46 Project Loon
23:28 Self-driving Cars
25:40 Relying on people to test cars, not a solution. :D
29:29 The problem of getting good enough and how to get to the next level.
32:55 Wrap-up
34:50 Questions time
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Facebook never integrated comments with YouTube +Meg Moses 
Facebook allows you to post YouTube videos the same way Google+ originally did and will in the future.
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Photos Basics
by +Jaana Nyström 
The Google Photos app was announced at the Google I/O keynote on the 28th May 2015. Things have changed quite a lot, especially the editing (create Stories from scratch) and sharing.  You can share directly to a social networ...
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Live events in Cinemas
When your audience can't come to you (because of distance, price and number of seats available) you go to your audience.
Andre and his team have mastered the art of reaching the audience
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Friend request or circle add?
An oldie from G+ early days.
How is a friend request different to a circle add?
Sending a friend request is like knocking on someone's door
At best welcomed and at worst a privacy invasion. Acceptance or rejection.
Opening the door means a lot of trust and willingness to share very personal information.Not opening the door is very hard to do without hurting the sender's feelings. So most of the times the door is opened (I can't say no). 
And now that the person is inside your house what do you do?
Sometimes the person stays too long. Or open doors that were supposed to remain closed. The person is able to judge personal traits, what do you like, what do you value. Lots of intimate details are revealed.
If you like the person then you will be sharing lots of great moments but if you don't there will be drama.

Adding to a circle is like shaking hands at a party.
You go around, you listen, you move from group to group. You find someone you like or sounds interesting and you introduce yourself.
So you strike a conversation about different subjects but most personal information is not revealed. After a while you excuse yourself to meet others. You could just move to the next group and nobody gets hurt. Or you agree to meet some other time. Or promise to be in touch. Expectations are low and mostly will develop over time. It could develop into a more personal relationship or just stay around idea exchanges in casual encounters or agreed meetings.
#gtips   #googleplustip   #googletips    #googletipsandtricks   #plushelp   
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The previous post reminded me of this wonderful video I have watched last year on TED
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Would you like to set your voting record straight?
Did you change your mind?
Do you regret having an opinion?
Well.... Now you can manage your poll votes.
I find it a useless feature but someone must have been concerned about it to add a way to find your past votes. (probably desktop only)
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Thanks, good morning:)
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Get ready for Brisbane 2022
I guess most things planned 7 years ahead would look futuristic.
Echo and its Hong Kong partners had won the tender process to build Brisbane's most ambitious infrastructure project in years. The site, which will encompass Echo's existing Treasury casino, stretches over 10 blocks of prime riverside land and will reshape Brisbane's CBD.
It includes a casino, a sky deck with restaurants and bars, the Ritz-Carlton and Rosewood hotels, a riverfront moonlight cinema and an underground shopping mall.
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Sometimes I winner how architects come up with some out-of-this-world designs which most of the time is engineering nightmare or not possible. 
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Thanks Alex, have a great week my friend 🙌🎊🙌
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Learn Google Apps for...
Work. School. Non-profits. Collaboration
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Enter the person name in Google+ seach box.
In desktop you can then narrow your search to "posts from you" using the more button. 
On mobile I don't know an easier way.
If you add a few words about what the post was about to the person name, you should be able to find it pretty quick.
Another option is to search for your name and the person name and that should show only posts in which you both interacted.
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Google Top Contributors
If you're passionate about Google products and love to help others, join in!
If you are joining for the side benefits then you are in the wrong place.  Even though Google will make substantial efforts to support your voluntary work, there are not enough external rewards to keep you happy.
The main reward you will get is the satisfaction of helping others. Everything else should not be considered to make a decision about joining this program.
This could be you in a couple of years.
#tcsummit   #tcsummit2015  
In October we're bringing together Google+ Top Contributors and passionate Google+ users that help thousands of other users, and we couldn't be more excited! #tcsummit
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Alex thanks for helping, I really do not know much about using anything on this phone. I do not know any attachments and what they me
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Doctors in the future will be different
The ability to insert robotic instruments through a very small opening in the body, the future of intervention will be defined by diagnostics driven by regenerative medicine and high-tech implants coupled with artificial intelligence and big data.
Surgery has been a brutal practice for thousands of years, but new technologies are digitizing surgery in amazing ways.
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