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Shortcuts through G+ Universe
Updated: June 16th, 2015
Sometimes you don’t want to click many times to reach the destination. I decided to make a list of the ones I could find. Bookmarking some of them will help you, when you don't remember how to get to them or to get there faster. Bookmark your favourites.
Home page
Your profile
Your circles
Your followers
Want to know who added you, but you did not add yet?
Your pages (owner)

Your (privacy) settings
Set age and country restrictions to your content
Your subscriptions (hold control key when clicking on this one as it needs to open in a separate window)

Old photos (G+ photos)
All your photos

What’s hot
Hangouts on Air (to watch)
Hangouts that you have been invited to

Manage apps
Your old +1s in G+

Profile tabs: 
Your +1s in websites

Notifications filters
From your posts
From others’ posts
From mentions

Google policy
Google account settings
Sign out of Google account
Learn about safety
Devices you are logged on

Learn more
Send Feedback
Help pages
Official G+ Help community
Google+ Playbook

New Google photos: (not in G+) 
Shared links
Mobile access
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Are these your videos or someone else's?
Are you looking at them in YouTube or Google Plus? I don't know much about YouTube.
You need to be logged into your Google account to be able to comment on videos.
And the account needs to be linked to Google+. So if you are logged in as John Smith and you decided to delete John Smith Google+ profile, then you can not comment.
For YouTube help go to!forum/youtube
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What kind of jobs will we do in the future?
The short answer is that we don't know. 
65% of jobs in America today are information jobs. These information jobs didn't exist 25 years ago, let alone a hundred years ago. We're constantly creating and inventing new jobs and things to do.
Lately, media around the web has been bracing for robots — not time-traveling robots per se, but robot workers. Specifically, the increased sophistication of artificial intelligence and improved engineering of robotics has spurred... read more
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Easy access to notifications settings
This is desktop view. Do not know if it is availablle in App yet.
Thanks +Peggy K +Luiz Fernando 
Control which notifications you see under the bell icon - Google+, YouTube, or Google Photos

Three easy steps to select which notifications you want to see - the settings apply everywhere.

1. Click the bell icon
2. Click the gear on the upper left
3. Select which products you would like to see notifications for

Note: if you un-check any of those boxes, you will loose those notifications, and you won't see them listed under "previously read".

Disabling notifications under the bell should not change your email notification settings.

(h/t +Luiz Fernando for spotting this!)
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Thx Alex for your help sorry it took so long I haven't been on for a while 
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Don't mess with ninja cats
They are dangerous.
Don't Mess With Me Baby Hooman I Am A Bad Ass Parkour Ninja!
#lol   #funny   #oops   #parkour   #ninja  
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This video is a riot! Can you tell me how to retrieve all my phone numbers that I stored on gplus for backup?
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Don't know how to use collections?
Here are a few ideas
#collections   #business   #businesstips  
Great ideas for collections
What are collections for? Here are a few suggestions by +Kristi Hines 
Do you share a lot of updates on Google+? In this article, you'll learn 11 ways to use Google+ Collections to organize updates.
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Thank for your help last night. Have a good weekend. C.resh
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Messi Magic
 ·  Translate
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Would you like to set your voting record straight?
Did you change your mind?
Do you regret having an opinion?
Well.... Now you can manage your poll votes.
I find it a useless feature but someone must have been concerned about it to add a way to find your past votes. (probably desktop only)
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Thanks, good morning:)
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My favourite Gmail feature: Undo Send
Is finally out of labs (not secret anymore)
Google is finally bringing the life-saving "Undo Send" option to the main settings on the Web version of Gmail.
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Mara BGD
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Save storage space
via +John Elstone 
If you are creeping toward your storage max, you may want to do this.
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It's pretty high at 16MP now. 4096x4096
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He has the passion
Once he gets the skills he will be ready to take on the world. :D
via +Jasmine Marin 
#tantrum   #golf  
Whenever I Try To Golf

Please Follow: +Creative Ideas 
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Here is how to delete Google+ +Sharon Hinrichsen 
But be aware that you won't be able to comment on YouTube videos, review apps, review restaurants and any other thing that requires identification.
Also if you have an YouTube channel, make sure the Google profile you are about to delete is not linked to it.
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Mail by missile
Crazy ideas. Glad this one didn't go to far :)
Drone deliveries seem a little less crazy. Just a little.
via +Brad Acker 
Today in History: U.S. Missile Mail Experiment Performed, 1959
On June 8, 1959 — 56 years ago today — the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) collaborated in the first substantial experiment to carry mail by missiles in the United States. The Navy diesel-powered submarine U.S.S. Barbero, off the coast of Florida, launched a Regulus I missile containing about 3,000 letters to a U.S. Navy facility at Mayport, Florida, about 100 miles away.

While such mail attempts had been tried before by other individuals in other countries, and even in the United States, never before had the U.S. Postmaster General worked closely with the DOD to coordinate such an experiment involving so many pieces of mail. The DOD probably agreed to cooperate with the USPS, because it was interested in demonstrating the accuracy of its intercontinental ballistic missiles (to be used to deliver nuclear warheads in the event of a nuclear war). Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield, a visionary entrepreneur, saw missile mail as a way to demonstrate the peaceful uses of missile technology and to eventually improve the efficiency of USPS operations. The big obstacle, of course, was that missile mail was just too expensive, as the Regulus I missile was about $2 million (in today’s inflation adjusted dollars), and reusability was not considered an option at the time. In fact, no other experiments of missile mail were attempted by the USPS after this June 8 experiment.

With the changing of presidential administrations in 1961, as President Kennedy replaced President Eisenhower, a new postmaster general was named. Kennedy’s postmaster general, J. Edward Day, canceled the missile mail program in his effort to reduce postal service costs.

YouTube videos:
•Mail by Missile by Smithsonian National Postal Museum (length 12:05).

Web sources: [video included]

Book sources:
Please let me know if you know of any books written about this subject.
1959: The Year Everything Changed by Fred Kaplan.

Image credits (left to right, top to bottom):
•Regulus I mail missile fired from the U.S.S. Barbero 100 miles off the coast of Florida with about 3,000 pieces of mail, June 8, 1959.
•Regulus I mail missile landing with a drag parachute at Mayport Naval Center in Mayport, Florida.
•U.S. Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield (center) removing mail from the Regulus I at the Mayport Naval Center in Mayport Florida, June 8, 1959.
•U.S. Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield smiling, possibly about his prediction in the quotation above him. Frame from
•President Dwight Eisenhower (left) receiving missile mail with U.S. Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield looking on.
•U.S. Postmaster General James Edward Day next to his quotation about terminating the missile mail program.

#history #history-tech #mail #USPS #missilemail
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Control, protect and secure your GOOGLE account
Have you tried the new Privacy Check-Up?
What about security check-up? 
Go to (hard address to remember) ;D
All in one place.
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Thanks Alex. I appreciate this advice.
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