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Need help with your business?
Now you have a community in Google+ to ask questions.

h/t +John Skeats 
Google Business Community Week in Review #BizRecap

We kicked off the week talking about Google Places, and continued on with productivity tips, a great Q&A about +Helpouts by Google with +Brian Quimby, among other great discussions. Here’s what you may have missed this week.

Roundup: Google Places -

The power of social media for your business -

The Benefits of Google Helpouts -

Importance of daily routines in your business -

Five principles of building a powerful network -

Lessons from unhappy customers -

Q&A Recap: Google Helpouts -

What was your favorite discussion this week?
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Thanks for resharing and the mention, +Alex Garcia.
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Women in social media
For the female population, I am sure this card will come handy many times. I am not sure how the last 2 words add anything but hey I didn't write them. 
Some folks here need lots of Sun..... Just sayin'
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Brilliant ,Thanks for the laugh :)
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Plenty of time on your hands?
Grab some chocolate bunnies and Learn Google Plus with +martin shervington 
A Complete Guide to Google Plus. (10 VIDEOS and BLOG)
Just about everything you'll need to know...
#googleplustips   #learngoogleplus  
If you are looking for Google Plus for Business then you've found it! This is a complete user guide as you will find on Google+, with videos and blog.
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Cheers +Alex Garcia! Have a good weekend chap :)
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Alex Garcia

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Yin and Yang
Great caption for a great photo
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Alex Garcia

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Couldn't be explained any better
I also add them when they share posts that interest me, and I make sure that I interact with them.
h/t +Scot Duke 
I remember when I made this.

It's still true. 
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Amen. I also dont add anyone trying to sell me anything be it electronics or religion. But I do add business pages that I find an interest in.
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Alex Garcia

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Be careful what you wish for
h/t +Daniel Fontaine 
Careful what you ask for! :)   #GoogleGlass  Cartoon
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I wish I had Google glass, then this would be true. 
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Alex Garcia

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Always watch your kids when crossing the road
h/t +martin shervington 
"Wait for me!!!"

Why are baby elephants so cute?!

via #cute   #aww   #elephant   #GIFs  
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Alex Garcia

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Are Snowden supporters ready to concede he is an ass?
Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who was granted asylum in Russia, made a surprise appearance at President Vladimir Putin's annual televised call-in session to ask whether the country conducts mass surveillance like the United States does.
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+Hayden Coonan *Nothing* gives us the full picture -- that's a silly standard to hold anyone or anything to. In fact, there's no such thing as the "full picture" -- the "full picture" is a platonic ideal that doesn't exist in real life.

Whistle blowers don't give us the full picture. That's true. They do obviously give us a fuller picture than the military and intelligence press divisions. They're also a vital piece of the media's ability to give us anything resembling the full picture.

Would you prefer every news outlet just politely ask the DOJ if they're doing anything illegal on page 1, and paraphrase NSA press releases on page 2?

As long as there are filthy rich and deeply secretive organizations who are in the habit of breaking the law or bending it for unjust ends (which is to say for the foreseeable future) we need whistle blowers and others willing to break unjust laws themselves for the greater good.

The unchecked secrecy of our defense and intelligence agencies is a great threat to freedom and justice. This state of affairs may have been deemed legal, but it is a grave mistake to confuse legality with moral or ethical acceptability -- or to place law above ethics. As MLK wrote: "One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws."

I'd still love to hear how else you think anything can or should ever get out of the black boxes that our defense and intelligence agencies have become. It's easy to criticize whistle blowing, but it's also pointless unless you're offering a viable alternative for finding out what evils the most powerful organizations are up to behind closed doors.
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Facebook 2.0
This time not based on predictions but told by Zuckerberg.
I understand what he is saying about small apps being more effective than FB behemoth to accomplish what you want to do.
But Facebook holding power is that you can do everything in there and all the people are in there. If you start breaking up the pieces then you won't hold people anymore. And you are on even foot with everyone's apps.
It looks to me that the FB killer will be from within.
Let's see where we are in a year or two.
To be continued....
Facebook’s co-founder and chief executive explains the company’s plan to stay innovative in the mobile age.
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Another reshare from +Selina Kyle 
Looks like great fun to follow her (except for the spiders. I'll try to scroll fast). There are some risque photos too but I don't mind them.
  #freud   ♥
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A book? A book doesn't have cleavage. 
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I am a proud user of Google+ since July 1st, 2011. I was included in Rahul Roy's Top 40 (posts for the week) on June 22nd, 2012. I am a member of a secret community :D
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Great place to eat. Especially Sundays 12:00-2:30 with free face painting for kids (if you don't mind kids around :)) The food is good. I like Schnitzel specials Monday night and Steak at lunch time.
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