Background Music & Music Profiling

Our friends over at Startle recently wrote a piece on their blog regarding background music in restaurants.

Here is part 1

Music has been played in restaurants for centuries, building the desired atmosphere, entertaining guests, and creating an overall more enjoyable customer experience.
In 2018, the expectation to visit a restaurant and experience more than just a good meal is standard; consumers need a good reason to venture out instead of conveniently ordering in, whether this comes from more food and drink choice, a great in-venue entertainment offering, superior service, or a combination of multiple factors.
By the same token, research has shown that millennials are eating out at restaurants more than any other generation, suggesting a huge opportunity for the restaurant operators who are ‘getting it right’.
While a good restaurant music offering can significantly improve a dining experience, if high-quality, well-profiled music isn’t achieved, it could have the opposite effect.
Customer Experience
Music evokes emotion, and the impact of this on the quality of a customer’s restaurant experience shouldn’t be underestimated. For most, a complementary, fitting soundtrack increases the enjoyment of eating out. It enhances the atmosphere, encourages customers to relax and unwind, stimulates conversation and fills potentially uncomfortable silences.
Investing in a professional restaurant music system gives operators the tools they need to ensure a high-quality soundtrack is maintained. For example, while consumer music services such as Spotify are great for personal use, these are illegal to use commercially and could result in large fines and a disruption to your atmosphere if used in your restaurant. In contrast, professional background music services like Startle Music cover the necessary mechanical licenses needed to play music in a restaurant, and therefore provide a great platform to build a soundtrack that will enhance your customers’ experiences.
As well as ensuring your restaurant music solution meets the legal requirements, a professional background music system will usually come with a range of high-quality playlists suitable for different audiences, day-parts and purposes. With these at your disposal, scheduling a soundtrack that enhances your customer experience is made much easier. While bespoke music profiling is often a great choice for brands seeking a soundtrack specifically tailored around them, making use of readymade playlists means you can access professional music compilations without having to start from scratch if you’re lacking time or inspiration.
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