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Generally Awesome.

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Does Bubble allow you to add cloud media to the local media library? I'm wanting to use my Google Music library in Beat Hazard, which takes tracks from Android's media library. I've synced Bubble with Google Music, but can't find the setting to add it to the local media library.

If the setting doesn't exist, this would be a pretty awesome addition.

Pushing the update 1.3.22 for re-enabling controller input for PCars UDP API, along with some other bug fixes

Reimplemented the PCars input settings, all done. Works on PCs, can only presume it works on consoles like it used to. Expect an update soon!

SMS have fixed the UDP controller output for PC, so have started to work on new input button picker for VDash events.

Spent last night removing the needle shadows from the gauges. It was a little bit silly (it didn't react to any light source so not really a shadow) and had not been updated since the last needle changes and just looked like a smudge. Also reduces memory consumption.

Also introduced a device based scale factor for the scale bars. This should stop them being scaled down so much and looking terrible on low density screens while still saving memory on high density screens

Small update (fixes attempting to draw a 0 size bitmap), and running out of memory when loading large textures into the texture picker dialog

As a result of a PCars bug I cant test the controller input, so I have disabled it. Once it is fixed, then I have to implement a new button selection mechanism because the buttons are able to be remapped on the PC. That will take a bit of time and can only really happen once the bug has been fixed.

PCars UDP controller input disabled.

But build 318 is uploading! Fixes a bunch of bugs and vastly reduces memory consumption by the Generic Gauge view

Great. New PCars update structure is documented (after pushing the update...), and it doesnt work on PCs. Just... great. Guess I'll be disabling that feature then.

Well, ready to hit go on a new release but SMS have changed the packet structure and have not told developers what it is. Waiting for new packet definition before pushing the update.

Alright, I'm still going with the memory route. Going on a mission squeezing out the bytes. A lot of it is coming from bitmaps that can be smaller dimensions.
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