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Just signed up for health insurance for the family via As controversial as it is, I've been unable to get coverage due to a preexisting condition. This could save my life. Literally.
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I hope you won't need it. But it's good to have a safety net.
Oh, I need it. Which is why it's so important. :) I've had no insurance at all for the last 5 years. Blacklisted. I'm not healthy enough, apparently. Not worth it to them. Real confidence booster, that experience. :\
I am sorry to hear that. I never understood how privatized health insurance should ever work. After all, the purpose is to distribute the burden over as many shoulders as possible to carry those in need of help. A private company that tries to offer its insurance to as many people as possible but saving as much costs as possible will do the only economical sensible but morally wrong thing: Dropping the expensive ones as quick as possible.
+Eike Decker  yeah that's why I feel that there are several things in the world we should never allow to be profit motivated as it is the fiduciary responsibility of a company to maximize profits.  

War. Healthcare. Education. Prison. Medicine.


- its much more in a companies interest to make a medicine that manages your chronic illness, than it is to cure it.  

- If your profits rely on selling tanks and missiles you need there to be more wars or threats of wars.

- If you only make money when more people are in prison you will (and they do) lobby for harsher laws just to keep people in prison (not because society has agreed it is just).

- If your profit relies on people whom are paying for your healthcare not being sick you'll make sure to only cover healthy people or deny the claims of those most ill.

The list goes on and on.

There's a million fair ways to make a buck therefore  predatory practices against human beings to do so is despicable ; and a society that cultivates and rewards the predatory practice(s) is not healthy itself.
If the right rules are in place, it could work... Like setting up a system where companies are paid for keeping people healthy in a way that it is economically making sense to take care. It is said that Chinese doctors in villages where only paid when everyone was healthy - at least I heard something like that once.

The current rules are in deed ... More concerned to work like a parasite, meaning to make the most of it without killing the victim.
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