Interesting way to meet new people on Google+, if you're looking for entertainment:

Just search Google+ for "is hanging out", choose "Google+ posts" and you get a stream of everyone running a live public hangout right now, and you can jump in and meet them. It's just like hitting up a neighborhood bar, but it's so much easier to move to another conversation at the drop of a hat.

I've definitely met a few cool people by stumbling across stranger hangouts in my "incoming" stream in the past, but this gives you a TON to choose from. Plus some people are starting to use the "set hangout name" feature to propose discussion topics, so this can help you choose.

If your friends are running non-public hangouts and invited you, those will show up as well. G+ search always shows both public stuff and non-public stuff that was shared with you.

(reshared publicly because, well, I think it's an awesome feature that more people should know about =))
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