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Genuinely think we've probably just seen the best designed phone of the year.
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Randy K
Is that sarcasm? Those buttons at the bottom are prehistoric. This is a post-ICS and a HOLO world now bro.
But will it sell like +HTC  needs it to?  That is the question.
Randy K
+Daniel Cook It probably will. Some people just don't care about design. Like the Galaxy S III and it's old-school home button and obsolete menu button. It's very sad when they make such great hardware otherwise. They just don't get it!
+Randy Kysar I didn't see anything that would make we me want it over the S4 or N4.  It has a great camera and front-facing speakers, neither of which are very important to me on a phone.
Eric P.
Until the next phone is released. 
Samsung wouldn't know where to start if they wanted one like this. 
I aggree!  That said, I hope HTC designs the next Nexus later this year... I like their style... I still love the original Nexus One that they did.
Randy K
+Daniel Cook The physical home and back button, and awkward layout (home on the right??????) is enough to make me steer clear. My Nexus 4 is doing just fine...
+Randy Kysar because putting a 1080p screen on your phone then removing a section of it for buttons makes so much sense... 
For me, given that on screen buttons can be edited. I won't settle for anything less. 
+León Castillejos Fernández having had a gnex for a year I'll be happy with the idea of regaining swathes of screen space for when those apps that don't go full screen are in use, also: browsing. 
Good front-facing speakers and a solid build are the 2 best features of this phone. Let's wait to see what the Motorola X and Galaxy S4 bring to the table. 
Should be 3gbs ram, that skin looks heavvvvvy
+Alex Dobie How 3 different ways to use a single button can be qualified "Good design" by any means?!?

Home button: short press, long press, and double click.
That's LAME.

Beginners welcome! :-P 
2300 battery? Not removable? Mega awesome power sucking screen?

Maybe HTC would sell more phones if they started with "good engineering".
Best design yes. Poor battery life yes. Odd button layout check. Not sure who are consumers HTC is polling but they need to find new ones! Lol
Is it me, or does this look like the ass end of an iPhone 5?
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