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Play Store reviews. You're doing it wrong. 
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Really people? Come on now...use your heads for something besides a hatrack. That's ridiculous.
This is why developer software is not free by Apple! Filters the assh×les like this.. make it 50$ = 50% less troubles.
I notice you didn't show who the review is from... It's you isn't it? Own up #Trolloyolo
Something not working on developer pre-release software is not something to whine about.  If it's important to you, contact the dev to find out their plans for updating.
This is what I was worried about. I knew once every moron and their brother loaded the preview that it was gonna be bad. 
Thats why Google must learn from apple (for this time only;)
round them up and put 'em in the stocks! 
Look again.. Give it 5 stars for not working with L 
How does one so sense less even stumble across or know how to put android L Dev preview onto their device?
I think I read that Dropbox and mailbox not working, so he just giving 1 star for being a cunt 
Facepalm.. I knew these were coming! Although cunt reviews like this might pull devs' attention to updating their apps for L quicker. Just maybe..
I'm honna start giving one star reviews to all the apps that don't work whenever I brick my phone too... 
Please link so we can flag as not helpful
+Dave knaus it doesn't take much to do it since Google gives Nexus 5/7 owners a nice shell script to get it themselves. I wouldn't blame XDA +Will Keaney on this, since Google provided it. And all the blogs posted links on where to get it. But then again it is chic to blame XDA for everything so carry on. 😄
It's as bad as people on BB10 Leaks saying X app doesn't work with a OS a Dev doesn't have 
The guy that wrote that review goes to Penn St.. I now understand why he's an idiot
+Rob Koehler it was posted a few comments ago: , to me its the firs one.
In the most current Android version some people complained about compatibility with ART. I wonder why there is a need to write reviews line this. Perhaps to show off with "superior technical skills"?
I also wonder why there only seems to be two possible grades for the reviews; one star or five stars. One little bug and the one star is set. Although some developers might ask for a 5 start review, there are some shades of grey where to choose from.
I'm just going to copy and paste what I wrote on a couple other of these threads. Hope you don't mind:

Haha oh geez... I didn't think it was so bad at the time to do this to get the attention of Dropbox and then update my review back to 5 stars when they fixed it.

I'm well aware that the L release is experimental, but seems like most apps are already compatible with ART. I'm just surprised that such a big app like Dropbox wouldn't have updated already even though they've known about ART since at least November. Just my two cents...

I'll update my review because I should have sent the developer feedback instead of rating a 1-star review.  However, you guys should encourage people to do the right thing and submit developer feedback instead of being so harsh. You've indirectly taught me to do the right thing though so I guess you can all pat yourselves on the back.
That is big of you to post here. How do you know it has to do with ART btw? 
+Vinay Menon
Thanks haha I'm just not quite sure why people grabbed their pitchforks before they tried to teach people to do the right thing. I've found 4 posts so far about me, but there's probably more that I can't find since I'm practically Hitler now. (There's 1 post that I'm not responding to because the grown man recently posted about how he doesn't like the new Chuck E Cheese cups...)

I know that ART incompatibility makes a lot of apps crash, and so assumed it was the same with Dropbox. May have been a bad assumption though because some people are saying Dropbox is ART compatible? I haven't seen any evidence either way though.
OK fair enough Brian. That's a reasonable response. I withdraw my comment from 8 hours ago. Also wish you success as a physician in the future!
+Brian Spearman you should be forced to exile.
Just kidding :)
I don't think anyone was killed and you learned from it so the outcome is good :)
Yawn.. nothing new.   Happens on each new version update.  This thread, and all it's related posts are just a big waste of time.
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