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So was anyone actually able to place a Nexus 4 order?
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my friend was able to finish a transaction after the device was in his cart for 20 min
KS Lee
Nope. Still trying. Swear I had it in the cart for over 444 times
Nope. I I'm seeing the same error messages as the hundreds of other folks online
Yup kept retrying and finally got one.
Not yet! Keeps crapping out after clicking Proceed. Lame. 
Nope failed again. Been on it since 1145
Still trying to check out lol
Erich W
nope and even if you did doesn't look like it'll make it as a Christmas present
Do you think Google is just taking the piss and they'll post a message tonight telling everyone they were only joking and the nexus really won't be back in stock until next week
Apparently a few people were.
I really want to get the Nexus 4.  If I don't get it I'll going to spoil myself with the Note 2 and everything else will seems small.
Nope. Not here. Google really need a department dedicated this selling devices if they're going to keep making these great ones at those prices.
Yep, got my 16GB on the way.  Just keep clicking the Proceed button until it works.  That seems to have worked for a lot of us.
Finally got my order through! Lots refreshing the cart and the Proceed button. I sure hope it was worth the effort. 
I did, I used 3 browsers and my phone and just kept hitting proceed until one worked. Took about 13 min. 
Wow! Finally, I've been able to do it. I had to keep hitting proceed as noted on blogs on the web. But really, buying a device should not be this hard.
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