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The time until mine gets in is unbearable!
Still haven't had shipping confirmation yet :( I think it's because I got a duplicate order due to the problems and they emailed to check whether it was intentional so that delayed the processing. I'm from Preston so not too far from you +Alex Dobie 
Aww man, first Jerry and now you :(... I figured it was maybe us Brits that were just getting it later but sadly it seems not :(
+Ryan Johnstone I'm in the exact same boat mate! Hope this isn't the reason they're delaying my order :/ have you seen your estimated shipping date?
+James Finglas Mines always been the 15th so hopefully it will ship tonight. Everyone I know who's got theirs got a shipping confirmation at night and delivered the next day.
Whoa, damn you Alex so lucky. I sold my Gnex just to get this phone and couldn't manage to get one last tue. Stuck with the nexus S for 3 more weeks!
+Jay-Ar Pinero I'm just glad i held off on selling my One X. I'd be using an old Samsung 'Dumb Phone' had i gotten rid. And when i say Dumb, i mean it. I don't even think its got a camera. 
+Daniel Holt , I think you should keep the one x. That easily competes with the nexus 4 hardware wise. Reason why I sold the gnex is I wanted to move out of super amoled and a better camera. One x has the best display and a good camera.
+Jay-Ar Pinero I've actually decided to hold off on the Nexus until the new year. As much as I want one, I figure as I genuinely love my ONE X that it'll serve me well for a good while yet. And knowing that I'm giving it a stay of execution means I can finally take off the kid gloves. My one x is going naked (and hopefully rooted).

Then when February comes around ill see about getting on the Nexus train once again. 
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