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They don't even sell the nexus 4 in the Dutch playstore, why do I have to suffer so other countries can enjoy?
Is it available in the UK or something?
Sorry, countries that can buy it subsidized in the playstore get no sympathy from me....
/me = angry @ Google because of this.
edit: @ +Serge Herve Meny corrected, tnx for the heads up.
I was trying to buy a Bumper for a phone I don't even have the option to buy yet and I was greeted by the 'we are too busy, kindly sod off till later. Cheers!' message.
it says the same thing for aus store.
Am sure that was meant for the US only store..
but cmon Google ..get your locale settings correct.
a simple code..
if (country.equals("USA")) { displayErrMessage(); }
+Fernando De Leon I guess the programmer reacted in panic mode. but I am pretty sure the SVP in charge of sales/hardware and the play store will have a lot of explaining to do to the CEO.
+Serge Herve Meny they have removed the banner from the Aus store now lol...
geez they are working on production no time for SIT or UAT testing! lol
Update: I can now order a bumper if I wish to do so. Google are now no longer experiencing high traffic apparently. I've opted not to buy a bumper after noting they want six quid for two day shipping, frankly that's not good value. I can send a package for less than than guaranteed before noon, why can't Google?
No luck here in Aus, had the yellow bar earlier, now just sold out, again.
+Scott McLaughlin That was just a Google balls up. Only the US had stock. They were kind enough to broadcast to everyone else that they were getting hammered again. So you can rest assured, you didn't miss out.
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