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Today at the HTC One reception: A guy fell down some stairs and through the table we were using to film, sending the Galaxy Camera and HTC One we were shooting flying.

The Camera's well and truly dead. The HTC One survived without so much as a scratch.
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That sucks............for the camera, and coverage, and the guy.
Is the guy seriously injured or what? Falling down the stairs and into a table of tech, poor guy. 
Excellent.  An HTCRUU can be very helpful once you have it. (yeah, I went there)
Must have been staged to showcase the HTC One durability.

Why was there a table at the bottom of the staircase? The fire marshal would never let that happen.
Wasn't a staircase. A smaller set of steps leading up to the main demo area. The guy was fine, but the camera and a couple of beverages were lost.
Boot looping down the stairs can be embarrassing and quite painful. I'm happy to hear that he's not hard bricked.
ROFL oh no are the gadgets okay??? Poor galaxy camera. Lol
Classic!! shame about the camera..... 
That's a shame, you seem to really like that galaxy camera.
The average "dedicated" camera is probably more fragile than the average phone, if only because of the lens mechanism.
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