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Home button:
Short press = Home
Long press = Google Search, not NOW
Double-Tap = Multitasking menu

Is it for real, is it a joke, is it any usable? 
Multitasking - is it the same with sense 4/+ (task switching) or is it real multitasking ?
Why would they bury one of the best features of Jelly Bean which is Google Now? 
Google Now is one of the best features of JellyBean...dont understand why HTC will hide it from its users...most normal ppl will never know about how great their device really is..
IMHO is really stupid to hide google now and you are just shooting yourself in the foot
Long press on htc has brought up google now on the jelly bean htc one s and x , are you sure it is only google search it shows ?
I know it won't happen but I would love htc to keep the one s and re release it with a 720 screen or an xperia arc with a dual core chipset ....... Is there really anything wrong with visiting old ground and keeping these beautiful designs alive ?
Buttons are fine, long press home is world's better than long press home, then pressing the "G" icon on galaxy phones
I agree with Alexander, they arent hiding it. You long press the home button. On the galaxy devices you long press the home button then press the G. That seems worse in my opinion :S
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