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Finally found a use for this Optimus Vu... 
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Looking forward to what MWC has to offer?? 
Well if it's getting in the way I know someone who'd give it a good home ;-) 
I'm surprised, though it would been big enough for a dinner plate
If you don't want it. Then give it to others. Hahaha, i found the optimus vu attractive and great.m:)
What else do you have in your bag ? Would quite interesting to know what a tech journalist takes to one of these events
The beer of Barcelona. That's all I see :-) 
Should be an xperia z.. Spill proof.. 
Tim R
I think the Vu/Intuition is a better device than its made out to be 
That is one of the ugliest and shittiest phones I have seen and played with
Well the VU is a huge hit in Korea so it's not really shitty or ugly. It's a matter of preference
No its a shitty phone. Well the Verizon version of it. And yes design is all opinion but come on that thing is big and bulky and squared with a terrible aspect ratio. One country and sold a million wouldn't say it was a hit but hey whatever floats your boat. 
Tim R
+Brian Inglut the issue with this phone is the misconception that its meant as a media centric device. Its not. It was designed for content creation and editing and in that area it excels. 
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