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Jens H.
What, no "PLASTIC?????"?
It's not the fact that it has buttons that worries me, it's that one of them is a damn menu button. Samsung, please just kill that relic from three Android versions ago, if you don't, nobody will.

Am the only one that sees a comically over-sized GS3?
Look at the picture! It's Steve Jobs using it.
hard menu button and stylus do not go well together! I've lost count of the number of times I wished my Note 2 had an on-screen menu button that I could tap with my stylus (not to mention a multi-tasking button)
So people are finally starting to realize that Samsung is doing it wrong?  Hate to say, but I told you so.  :P
But. But. Tv says I am supposed to like Samsung cause there not apple. They can't be doing something wrong. Oh wait. 
Please if you don't like the button then dont use it. If you don't like Sammy then dont buy it. For me they are the only one out there pushing Android to the top. HTC is not selling 30 million ONE X's are they? The button is a very useful tool for some just like it's not for you. I for one can't wait till this comes out. 
+Steven Reyes Guess what?  That's exactly what I did.  I bought a One X.  I wasn't aware that selling more devices than anybody else means you automatically make the best one.

Each device has it's pluses and minuses, but Samsung is directly holding back the ecosystem as a whole by holding on to that legacy button that shouldn't be there according to the direction Google has given.  Ahh the double edged sword of open source.
Selling the most never makes you the best but it can't be denied that they are #1. Each device that runs android to me it a better device than CrApple. The button adds to the device, to say they got it wrong isn't fair. If its not to your liking Cool but they didn't get it wrong with big sale numbers across multiple devices. You as well as everyone has the right to an option as mine is on the side of the button.

Google also took the direction of no SD card but your phone has it. So is there certain things that are ok to not follow behind Google?

+Steven Reyes My One X does not have an SD card. The Samsung phones do, though.

The button adds to the device MAYBE, but it's still against the design guidelines. 
+Kevin O'Quinn Absolutely right. The 4glte has one not yours and yes it does also go against Guidelines but it's a function that is good. I was a hard core keyboard user and felt I wouldn't get used to touch keyboards but love SwiftKey now. Should the home button go away? At some point yes just like everything itust evolve. For now it's a great tool and Sammy is using right. 
+Steven Reyes I'm ok with the Home button (maybe not the style, but it HAS to be there).  My issue is the menu button.  It shouldn't be there.

SD cards have other issues and Google has outlined why they don't want them anymore.  As long as I can have at least 16gb of internal storage I'm ok with not having one.  I don't need a lot of local storage personally.
+Kevin O'Quinn The menu button yea I can see why that.

The storage I fine with too. I just like the fact that it's there if I need it. And can swap from device to device much easier.

Sorry if I came out rude or wrong us been reading a lot about the Note 8 and everyone is complaining about the buttons lol 
Every tablet should come with a styles. If is implemented correctly like Samsung product. #samsungnote2
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