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Surround Shot (Photosphere) on the GS5
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Jens H.
Hmm, what are those "foggy" parts of the picture?
+Jens H. Those are not foggy parts but cemented paths/roads.
Jens H.
+Shimon Das Huh? Just look at some of the trees, in one "square" they're fine and in the next they look like there's some kind of fog over them.
+Jens H. To be honest and fair, ive never seen a PERFECT photosphere
wow look at that file size though. Google spits out 1mb files. this is 17mb
I like the quality of the Samsung Surround shots.  Seems to be the best out of all of them.
Quality, color and sharpens all look great. Only about 50% of everything in the photo lines up. there are a lot of tree branches that do not line up and that whole foggy area & still some ghosting items in the pic that are not moving......
Looks brilliant, Alex!  Very impressive indeed.  Have you got a Z2?  Post up one from the Z2!
Wow. Definitely one of the better I've seen.
That's the first 360 panorama I've seen that I like. 
How do I post 360 images to Google?
+Jønâthân Thømâs how do you get it for the S4? I know I can use it with the Google Camera, but you make it sound like we can get the Samsung version 
I have the same question. Did not find the app in samsung app store for gs4
Anyone know of a way to photoshop then save back to the phone and still be able to see it in surround shot?  When ever I save-as to the phone I lose the abilty to render it in surround mode.
Hi, very nice shoot, But  how can i play it on my computer  , either mac or pc ? thanks .
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