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If you leak press shots of an unannounced device three hours before the event, you are a dick.
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The surprise will be the internals.  I don't really count the rumored internals as known fact at this point.
Am I a dick because I viewed leaked photos?  Looks good to me btw.  I'm sure i'll be in the minority but I like the design. 
So a site dedicated to rumors shouldn't show what they found or have? That's their job!
I see that every other site on the Internet is showing these new press images, except for +Android Central.  I can understand why +Alex Dobie feels this way.  What if someone told you that Vader was Luke's father three hours before the movie released to the public?  Wouldn't that piss you off?
What would be different if AC posted it?  Would you know any more than you do right now?  Would you have more respect for them?
If you're at an event why would you dick about posting leaked images. We'll have the real deal in like 2 hours soooo.... 
I'm just saying that the event is in a few hours, it is going to be public really soon. And if Android Central had broken the story, would it be such a bad move? It sounds like sour grapes.
I really hope those leaked shots are fake. The HTC logo between 2 (!) buttons? Makes no sense (no pun intended) 
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