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Nexus 5 notification LED, because apparently some people doubt its existence...
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Man, I thought it was on the earpiece?
Why? Hasn't it always been center bottom on the Nexus phones? 
I already knew it was in the same place as the N⁴.

But it looks much bigger on this Gif of yours - is that really the case? +Alex Dobie was never pictured.  so even though common sense said it has one, there was no proof/evidence.

So thanks.  :)
Question: does/can it pulse different colors or just white?
My light flow app just got a boner 
It looks gigantic compared to Nexus 4's.
I too would like to know if its an RGB led
What wireless charger is that underneath?
Psh. I see through your ruse. That is CLEARLY just Photo shopped. I bet the phone isn't even really there either, just clever CGI 
Already has 30000 views wtf is wrong with people. 
Active notifications > led. Of course, only in my opinion. 
It reminds me of the VERY worrying blinking light on a Dalek.
Reminds me of nexus one 
All phones should have notification lights. And for those that don't like them, they can be turned off. Just give us the option.
Swear I have no clue why people are so batshit crazy about notification lights.. Lol
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