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Jens H.
But he's basically saying "I can't believe you actually bought this!" :O
"I just got a wicked headache when I saw that HP logo bro"
--"I know right"
"Why tha hell haven't you paid me back again?”
"I'm just aghast that you a.) purchased this and b.) brought it out in public last night!"
No way...NO WAY! I think that bottle just broke!
"Really...another Harlem Shake video?"
I thought this would have webOS on it. Man, I am bummed! 
"Man, you really got me. Now where's the Nexus 7?"
"Look what that stripper was doing last night"
"OMFG, she posted that pic, PUBLIC?! So who's going to tell her?"
"Check out this instant replay of you hitting your head against this metal bar. Yes, I know it still hurts, but it's hilarious."
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