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Few quick dirty shots from the N4
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They look good to me.

Is the camera fast when it comes to moving objects (kids, animals etc)?
Those are really, really nice.  now, the question is:  Did you have to take a ton of pictures to get these few/wait a long time to get it to focus +Alex Dobie ? Or did you just whir around like a spinning top snapping them willy nilly? 
+Rich Fletcher There's an action mode which I haven't tried yet. The traffic in that last pic came out fairly well though with everything set on Auto.
That makes it even more amazing.  Google Play Store..  Be in Stock NAO
+Jason Bauman  There are a few that didn't come out quite as well, but that's the case with any kind of photography. 
Compared to your xperia photos, how do you find it?
+Alex Dobie true.  But with my Gnex it's like 5-6 crappy shots for every decent one, and 5 decent ones for every "hey, that's pretty good" one.  
I want a print of the 1st one.  That is a very nice shot of the canal.
The Xperias have much better fine detail and better macro performance, but the shots are noisier than the N4's, and there's no HDR mode in Sony's camera app for some reason. That, and if you pick up a Sony phone you're stuck on ICS until Feb/Mar.
I had the Xperia T for a week, then Ebayed it.

I have the S3 at the moment. I think it will depend on what mood I'm in when these become available again.

You've answered my camera concerns - I just need some opinions on sound quality though headphones now ;)
These are some quality pictures! 
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