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Wherein I reveal how beaten up my Nexus 4 is after 10 weeks as my daily driver...
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Geez you should take care of your phone better.  :P

Seriously, good to know that it holds up well.  FWIW I noticed none of this when I looked at it at CES.
Mine rattles but then I did drop it in a wood floor 
I've dropped mine twice this week - once from about 2 foot onto laminate and then from 5 foot to carpeted concrete floor.
Thankfully not a mark on it and no rattling - pretty sure the bumper saved it.
Very good '10 week review' there!!...

Just wish Google would get em back in stock so I can join the 'Nexus' club... my Xperia Arc is pee'ing me off no end!!... I really want to teach it to fly!!
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