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Another Surround Shot from the GS5
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Owned the S4. Wouldn't touch another Samsung device. It was awful.
I got the s4 for free as a gift from T-Mobile, used it for a week and went right back to my nexus 5. Thing's horrible, I agree
The level of anti Samsung sheeple is too damn high
I much prefer the HTC One to the S5, thank you though for posting the picture.
It's not bad but seems inferior to the stitching on the Nexus 4.
In comparison to the Nexus 5, however, I believe it doesn't even come close. But good to have the option. Hopefully will be addressed and improved.
+Iain Baker Ive noticed the only people commenting on anything to do with S5 are either A.) HTC One m8 owners, B.) Anti Samsung fanclub or C.) both
So we're some sort of anti fan club than that'd make you a fanboy? I mean this is now the second time your comment seems to portray some butt hurt if someone doesn't like the s5. 
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That being said call it what you feel. I think the photo is great for a photospehere, and being that your "OMG S4 SUCKS" comment that  has nothing to do with the S5's photosphere quality, my opinion is: Yes.
Lol you're funny, don't put quotations around words that weren't quoted. Thanks
That's the park where Alex goes dogging...
Ps that is another very good photosphere indeed. Best I've seen
except for those weird spots, this is a pretty decent photosphere
Good to see that these aren't some Samsung-exclusive photosphere competitor... I'll never forgive Samsung for dividing the market for MHL adapters... Can't find a decent one that isn't using Samsung's proprietary MHL connector...
So it's good to see this is viewable by standard means! :D
Touchwiz still lags on the GS5. Kept it 2 days then ran back to the store to return it. Junk. 
"Junk"? Nobody has mentioned it has bad lag this time round, much improved seems to be the message. 
I love photosphere on my Note 3. I think I need to take more time on leveling the pictures. Mine always come out choppy. 
I think it may just be advance in tech, +Chris Allen. Also, bear in mind that you will always have problems in some situations due to the sun and exposure levels. Ones in woodland do usually come out well, but these ones Alex has taken are superb. I hope the Z2 takes ones that are as good 
is there a viewer i can use to have the same 3D viewing effect i have on the phone on my desktop?
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