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BREAKSCLUSIVE: Galaxy S4 benchmarks show someone knows how to enter "GT-i9500" in their build.prop.
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People get hyped up for nothing +Alex Dobie

Its gonna be a quad core A15 CPU just like qualcomms latest offering and nvidias.

This we all already know :-) 
I don't even know why some people find all these benchmark tests worth getting excited about. The phone will be what the phone is. when they release it.
Wish people would just leave it be, there is no way on earth details of the S4 are going to be leaked in January, the way the S3 was guarded surely people must know by now that ANY details about this device are not going to be found this far out from release, hell nobody knows when it's even going to be released.

Just wait people, just enjoy the tech that's out there
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