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On a phone, the Android 4.2 lockscreen is well, not so great.

Discuss :)
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new vacuum cleaner lockscreen widget?
I'd have to give it a try, but it definitely seems confusingish and gimmicky. meh.
It wouldn't suck if there were more options available - like music controls which you don't seem to get on the lock screen anymore :-\
I don't want my personal information on my lockscreen. But I would like other widgets like music or news rather than gmail, messages or social networks
Why? I don't find it sucky. I actually like it. Only thing that I want is more widget options and multiple widgets on a single panel. It's a great start
+Thierry Destinobles yep totally agree, music and weather. How do notifications work? Do they just appear in the top bar still?
+Adrian Wells - really?! You can't control your music from the lock screen in 4.2? That's not good at all! :-/
Music controls are in. I'm talking more about the fact that the gestures to expand certain areas aren't intuitive at all, plus the fact that the boundaries between different elements aren't defined at all. And the fact that camera startup is actually slower than with the old swipe-to-the-left gesture.
+Alex Dobie - in as in your can see them? It certainly doesn't work with Spotify any more... :-/
Works with Play Music. Haven't tried any third party stuff
I'm using Play Music now, and can't see the music controls on the lock screen...
I haven't tried one yet but been watching videos about the new lockscreen. Everything seems fine to me. I find it clean and unobtrusive. 
I wonder if it doesn't go well (like W8?) how Google will deal with this. 
+Adrian Wells +Alex Dobie - I just rebooted my N7, and the lock screen play controls appeared for Play Music, but didn't seem to appear for Spotify.

I assume Google have changed the way the music controls work in 4.2, and Spotify needs to update their app to fix this (I've posted a note on their community site asking them about it)
I want to be able to add third party widgets, not just Google widgets.
Presumably the facility for third party widgets will be available soon after the SDK hits.
+Alex Dobie when I read your posts, I read them in your voice.  In my head that is.  I would sound silly trying to do it out loud. 
Alex, you may get an answer from the UK tomorrow when the one person who managed to get a N4 can help you
It's on the GNex too right now. We're looking at it
I'm wondering though, is it worth it to be improved upon in coming weeks to avoid a stupid lockscreen patent trial? 
It is definately a bit funky. But one thing that is great, is being able to have a pin/pattern lock, and still have access to the camera.
Hope the camera stuff works better on the N4. Because on the Gnex it's kind of a downgrade :/
+John Childs I didn't think of this.  That is great.  Now to get those third party apps updated to support this.
+Alex Dobie the camera app itself is pretty sweet though. Never thought I'd be a fan of anything with gestures
Have they released source yet? I'm running AOKP so I have to wait until they update and they can't update without source.
Unfortunately I have a toro, and have to wait till the source drops. What's so bad about it?
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