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Look out for this on +Android Central tomorrow...
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I really really think everything is smoked by the nexus 4 (no LTE in my country) do you happen to see something was better in the One+ compared to Nexus 4? something you like more? maybe in Sense?
I want to say you are right +daniel candelaria  but I dont think so anymore, LG used softtouch and what it seems to be a very strong backglass.

Im not feeling red leds in the capacitive buttons, im not feeling the capacitive buttons at all...

From Wired : " Living with the Nexus 4 and using it over the last week has been a joy. The first thing you notice when you pick up the handset is just how sturdy and luxurious it feels. The front and back of the device are coated in Gorilla Glass 2. I took a set of keys, a fork and a pocket knife to the front and back glass panels of the Nexus 4 and couldn’t get a scratch to show up anywhere. I also slipped and dropped the phone while pulling it out of my pocket this week, and it showed no signs of my fumble. "
Well, of course, that's just my personal opinion. I just prefer the onex design, minus the protruding camera lens. I also don't doubt that I'll prefer the build quality of the one X + over the Nexus 4 any day, but the Nexus 4 does look pretty solid. Oh and, if initial benchmarks are any indcation of the overall power of this thing, the One X + will probably be faster as well. But of course, you know I love my Nexi, if only for the stock android and timely updates.  
I can't wait until AT&T releases this in the U.S.! Anybody heard any new info. on a U.S. release date?
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