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tl;dr Nexus 4 bumper review - well made, a little bulky, ridiculously priced 
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Are using Avast WebRep in Chrome, coz you got tl;dr before the post title?
$20 seems reasonable for a bumper case of this quality. I paid $30 for an aluminum one for my Galaxy Note 2.
+Gerwyn Rees - in this case, Alex will mean "too long, didn't read" - aka, this the summary of his Nexus 4 bumper review :-)
I think the $20 is reasonable but not sure about the ones selling for triple that on a certain auction site.
I got the bumper but no phone to put in it :-* 
Me too +Dan Brookes Ordered the phone a week agao with '1-2 weeks shipping'.  Hoping it arrives before Christmas!
The bumper itself is fairly reasonably priced. It's the rip-off cost they are charging for 2 day shipping. I can send a parcel next day for half the price, not sure why it's costing Goog.... oh right.
I love this bumper case for my Nexus 4, feels as if its actually a part of the phone. Buttons feel incredibly responsive and firm, it fits it to a T, and it is very high quality. No regrets in this purchase, for myself the $20 is justified. 
Yep, crazy high price (seems like you Americans are once again forgetting that other country's exist) - to buy this in the UK it costs £22 with shipping - so it's not $20 - that's $35 
... Also, it's £15.99 without shipping here in the UK, so that's $25 Before shipping costs. - no justification for a ridiculous price! 
I think the price is a bit high at $19.99. Since it was out of stock when I got my N4, I just bought a nice frost clear flexible TPU case (for $9.95 plus shipping) that covers the back and sides and is made specifically for the N4. It works great and now I have no need for the bumper.
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