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BREAKSCLUSIVE: Chrome Android statue appears; could Google be preparing to travel back in time one year and launch Chrome for Android?
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I was thinking along those lines. Maybe they are planning something big for the latest Chrome update +Alex Dobie 
ChromeOS and Android become one? :-P 
I thought it was one of their prototype androids running Android that went berserk and tried to escape. They managed to stop it, but since it's been seen they'll have to pretend it is a decoration or the game will be up.
I'll take one from the pages of my those waiting for HL3 signs and say it means Chrome OS and Android will merge in 5.0.
Or maybe he's gonna try out for one of the droid parts in the new star wars movie
You should get on to your people in China and get your own Bongdroids into production before Google announces them at I/O. They're gonna be huge - think how big the overlap between bong users and android users is. 
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