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Starting to get the hang of this photo sphere malarkey...
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Ha! Much better. But it still looks like quite a bit trippy.
I still haven't tried it yet. But I'm hoping they will create a way for us to view them on the our devices soon (instead of just online).
Few stitching problems, but very nice!
Sphere photo look like shit no matter how good you do.. I don't know why Google brought it to market
Just a pity they won't post on FB
+Brendan Arndt , the way it stitches the photo together just isn't there yet.. I haven't seen one photo yet done flawlessly. Ya it's cool to play with. But for a solid photo.. No!
That's pretty cool. I agree with +Damian McCoy , however it's a shame you can't just share these anywhere - on web pages and everywhere else! Can't wait to get a phone running 4.2 - although it'll be a while, just for photospheres from mountain tops!
I like photo sphere, I haven't used it on the Nexus 4 yet but I did use it on the Nexus 10. I think it is a really good future technology, but I noticed that most of the issues come from the fact that human eyes focus in a different manner than a camera, this is the effect that can make a straight road look skewed in a photosphere picture. When tried outdoors with no close by focus points it worked brilliantly. Also circular rooms seem to work better and corners seem to pose problems especially when they are in overlap areas. I plan on getting a nexus 4 sometime in January and then trying some landscapes with it. It would be an especially cool feature on my D5000 DSLR.
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