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Great news...

But somewhere in the UK there's a very sad panda who's just locked themselves into a capped 2-year EE plan at £60+ per month... 
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As someone from the states, I read Three (the company) as three (the number) and thought that there were 3 lucky individuals in the UK getting LTE...
Someone unfamiliar with the names of U.K. telecoms will see this post's headline and wonder "Only 3? What if a 4th customer wants LTE?"
They switch to a different set of three people every teatime. 
I'll say what I said in a post a couple of days back, I'm rooting for you guys because you're the real world changers in wireless. 
+Alex Dobie Why have you pictured a Nexus 4 which is non LTE? I know there are ways to get the Nexus 4 to run on band 4 but isn't 1800mhz band 3?
Because it's the only phone he had to hand with a Three SIM in? 
Guess I know where I'm going come July, I don't expect Vodafone to be as competitive 
Brilliant news there. Luckily I am with Three already.
I'm done with Vodafone too, they've sold out to Apple... iPhones on 2 & 3GB data plans but not Android phones???
Three get a lot of stick in the UK but I've been with them for ~5 years now and I've had no more problems than I would have on another network. I cannot wait for LTE as I'm currently on all you can eat data! :-D
I was speaking to a staff member in a 3 store on Saturday and they said LTE verisons of the S3 are launching on 7/2 and Note 2 on 22/2.
+Daniel Smith I know it's not exactly the font of all knowledge, but in the sun today it states Vodafone bosses have decided on increasing rates, O2 still undecided. I'll wait and see what happens but I don't think Vodafone will be as reasonable as Three. I'd like them to prove me wrong as I've been with them for 10 years now, I've got six months to see what happens 
Does anyone know if a standard lte capable handset will work with 3s new 4g network? 
+Daniel Smith not saying i agree with it matey, or if it's even true (it was in The Sun newspaper ;)) but there was a line or two in the article about Three's refusal to hike prices for 4G that Vodafone had already decided to increase rates for 4G.
Yes! Been on Three for around 8 years now. They never cease to amaze me. 
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