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Great write up, +Alex Dobie !  Thanks for all the info.  I will be making the N4 my next phone but I have to wait as I'm still tied to a contract.  I'm hoping that, by then, there will be a 32GB version.  
You know.. for everyone who is under VZW contract. If you have a grandfathered unlimited data plan, then it is fairly easy to find someone who is willing to take over your contract. That's how I got out of mine and switched to T-Mobile prepaid (though my N4 is backordered).
Oh, and +Alex Dobie , you write good words.
+Alex Dobie Great write up. I've had my Nexus 4 since Tuesday and I'm loving it! No complaints at all and I came from a Samsung phone with super AMOLED and think this is a much better display. 
Great observation Alex, being on Tmobile this phone is a no brainer. LG really did a great job no matter what the naysayers say.
+Alex Dobie Great write up. May seem a bit off topic...but any chance you could provide a link to the wallpaper on your N4 in the picture? :)
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