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Facebook is trying to give Google a run for its money, with a new product called 'Graph Search.' It turns some of the personal information people have shared...
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Reinforcing the fact that Facebook is dead.. it's just nobody has told Mark Z yet.
+Tony Allen I don't think that facebook is dead. Not yet at least. What I see that this could go either way. It might make people more paranoid about their personal info being shared, and make them leave facebook or they could realize its usability and it will actually strengthen it and its stock. Let's see what facebook has in plan for this new found weapon of theirs against Google.
+Asjad Hasan Their stock has leveled out now over a long period of rocky descent. I don't think Facebook will be doing anything "revolutionary" anymore.. just like MySpace it will go towards a much more dormant, less used state. Google+ will even be in that boat someday statistically, however I think Google will evolve Google+ around the idea that it may become obsolete.
At least if there had been a phone there'd have been something to talk about briefly 
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