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Tim R
Its part of the design language at this point +Dave Ranucci they want you to see that this is the same family as the gs3 and note 2. I'm also expecting the note 10 3 to be the same way. A physical home button hasn't hurt the iPad any. 
I like that there's a hardware button (hell, I'd like to start seeing shutter buttons and QWERTY keyboards on high end Android phones again), but I really hope they also include some software buttons. The bigger the screen, the more inconvenient it is to have to go to the same spot every time.
this is the replacement of my 15 month old samsung galaxy tab 7.7" HD P6800
few ppl know about this model, it was expensive, but other than the iPad mini, nothing can replace it.
best screen out there, super amoled plus hd.
but the N8 is just uglier and bigger! might be going with Note3 at 6"
would love a revised Nexus 7.2 with dual camera, more storage and LTE
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