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Item: Nexus 4
Quantity: 1
Status: Shipped.
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What Alex doesn't know is I removed his address and added mine.  :-)
What Alex didn't know is I'm going kill him.
Whaaa!? It still says "Sold Out" when I pull up the page. Hmmm...
It is sold out. I ordered 36 hours ago. It's just now shipped :)
Ordered mine in the States shortly after noon EST. Should be on its way shortly.
I'm maintaining cautiously optimistic about a Friday delivery. I looked at my Galaxy Nexus shipping notification and it came at 2:47 in the morning, so its possible today's Nexus 4's have shipped and emails will batch out. :) 
Yup mines on the way. The bumper however isn't yet. Really glad I did a separate order for it
I've seen some in the forums posting that UPS has alerted them that they have deliveries tomorrow. I think Google's email system is totally borked. They never sent emails that the Nexus was for sale, and shipping emails seem to be coming late. 
If I seem overly excited its because I bought the 4 as a present for someone :) 
Bugger, I ordered before you and waiting for shipping email - However, it does say estimated delivery 15th - so, still might come tomorrow :-) 
We just need +Alex Dobie to use his contacts and find out when the wireless orb is available, and how much :-) 
There are third-party ones that'll work. That might be a better bet... Nexus accessories don't have the best track record
I read that all the third party chargers raised their price
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