Climate and people networks
Originally posted Nov. 13, 2012. Edited March 2, 2013, as Green Hope 7.

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This fantastic +Eve A post holds one of the keys to addressing the world's  #climatechange  challenge from a marketing perspective.

And I choose my words carefully. Not that this is the ONLY way it's going to happen, but it certainly won't happen WITHOUT the intelligent use of people networks in every country, city and neighborhood in the world.

Just a few days ago we were reminded why this is sooooo URGENT, with the publication by #pricewaterhousecoopers  of the firm's latest report on the climate crisis, coming a couple of weeks before the Nov. 26 launch of the next UN climate conference at  #Doha . You can read all about the frightening +PwC warning here, in my post four days ago with a link to the report:

The behavior-change science could not be clearer or more established. The most effective way of changing someone's behavior is through his/her social networks, both digitally and physically, but most effectively the latter, supported by the former.

Therefore, if we're gonna get serious about changing climate-related behavior in anticipation of the grand collapse that's is now sure to come, we have to get serious about unleashing a massive wave of climate-related networks. Not focused on the ones that already exist, as if preaching to the choir, but new ones, stretching into every nook and cranny, into every corner and neighborhood of our blessed planet.

Eve gives us a great intro. For more, as he says, get the book Connected through the Amazon link he posted in one of his comments, or go directly to the book's site here:

The image attached to this post is straight from the book and the obesity study Eve mentions. Notice that some people are more networked and connected than others. That means they have greater transitivity or conductivity. They're the influencers in our lives, precisely the ones we must activate in the climate struggle to cast the widest, fastest possible net in cities and communities around the world.

Want more? Try this post I did in March on a recent study of how to persuade climate skeptics and activate passive believers. The most effective strategy? That's right. People networks.

And here, in response to a series of consumer surveys:

I repeat: Any behavior-change movement worth its salt MUST have this at its very core. It is the Big Secret behind the goal of triggering the massive tipping point that will convert enough people to alter the suicidal path we're on, extend the life of the planet as much as we possibly can, and do so in ways that will ensure a humane, livable civilization collapse.

Ad agencies and corporate marketing departments in particular should climb aboard, given their communications and networking resources and expertise.

More on the tipping point here:

This is all a bit dense, perhaps, not something you can absorb in a single sitting. But do go through it and dig further in other sources. To trigger the networks that will trigger the tipping point, we need EVERYONE to get it and apply it in your own networks.

You in?
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